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Isaac Newton Principles

“Gravity explains the motions of the planets but it cannot explain who sets the planets in motion.”

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”

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Self Improvement

Unwarranted Opinions: No One Asked You

Lately I’ve been struggling with accepting opinions from others. I’m usually pretty good at ignoring negativity but for some reason I feel the need to say something and it’s not always nice. 838 more words

Lets Talk


It’s 5 in the PM and while leaving the office and my phone rings! I swiftly turn, gaze at Stan(who had to come all the way upstairs to drag me out of the office… 633 more words

From My Heart

Beauty all around us...

Sometimes life gets such a stranglehold on us that we forget to stop and smell the tulips…

Quietness is Gold

Not every situation warrant your attention.

Not every speech requires your input.

Not every request needs to be answered with your mouth.

Sometimes, you just have to sit still and watch to learn. 32 more words

The Rest Diary

Let’s talk Friends & Growth

One of the hardest things to overcome as you grow is the end of some friendships or relationships that no longer are flourishing. To lose someone you care about deeply is the ultimate heartbreak; whether it’s a friendship, relationship, or family bond. 451 more words

Personal Experience