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Try to listen when someone tells you that you are being offensive

You cannot really understand something if you have no knowledge of that which you are trying to understand. One good way of gaining knowledge and understanding about a particular issue is by listening to personal experiences of those who have encountered what you want to understand. 775 more words


Email as Aftercare- a personal note

“I’ve had a crappy day,” she told me. I already knew it because so had I.  We share that as well.  Sometimes because one of us has had some sort of struggle and when that happens the other feels it.   1,072 more words


Partners in crime

I observe people, especially the couples I really like, and somehow make it work, are a free entity within that unity. Accept and love each other. 822 more words

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Ten Questions for 2015/16

I’ve got lists everywhere; scraps of paper, post-its, an office whiteboard, the legal pad that slowly becomes an illegible doodle…

It’s all fine and well; thoughts jotted in the moment lead to other thoughts. 538 more words


From One Reality to the Next: Forever in the Pursuit of Happiness

Our forefathers believed “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” were the unalienable rights and, in my opinion, they still are. But what the hell does happiness look like anyways? 622 more words



Antidepressants continue to be a debate within our society.  There are people who: believe in the product, think it’s toxic and is one of the leading causes of extreme actions (such as suicide), or believe it is full of crap. 680 more words


Own It!

During some recent bad weather I spent some time binge watching/catching up on a show I had put aside years ago, Sons of Anarchy.  Without spoiling too much, one of the recurring themes and catchphrases of the final season(s) was “I’ve got this”.   106 more words