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I have too much $*!#

I am sure many people my age can relate and often say “I have way too much $*!#” perhaps without the dollar sign substituting the “s” because let’s face it because of all that crap we may not find ourselves in the best place financially. 574 more words


30 encouragements to a friend

Life can be complicated. There will be times were we need to be encouraged and there will be times when we need to encourage others. I want to share with you 30 things I told a close friend. 839 more words

Comfortable with Myself: Tales of an insecure introvert

Only one day into being in my twenty-ninth year of life I can honestly say I am comfortable with myself. This all came about while I was sitting penniless trying to think outside of the box to make money. 592 more words


The Leaves Have Fallen

I can go on all year talking about how absolutely Britney Spears 2007 meltdown last year was, but I have come into 2017 with so much peace that has made me realize how much I actually needed 2016 to happen. 350 more words

Hey lovelies!

I know 2016 has ended and I’m supposed to write about all of the things that I’d like to accomplish in 2017. but for some reason I really feel like focusing on everything that I was able to experience and accomplish in 2016. 132 more words


Completely Surrounded

Back in January of 2015, I started a series on Genesis. My original intention was to go through the laws, then it expanded into the history. 2,144 more words