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Live a Life of Greatness

We are all on this journey called life which is meant to lead us to either greatness or to a life where we simply exist. The funny thing is that most of us want to live a life of greatness, but most of us simply end up with a life where we just exist. 231 more words


Comparing how it is, to how it should be

Here in the land of Oz, it’s supposed to be getting cooler; it is autumn after all, and has been for nearly a month. The only problem is that it hasn’t been getting cooler at all. 360 more words

Other Things

Neutral Corners

You said…I said…We blame….

We continue to do a rhythmic dance in this boxing ring; trying our best to take each other out with our words and misinterpretations. 219 more words



Sometimes it blows my mind how opposite my sister and I are. She is working towards buying a new truck, buying a house, getting married, having a family, etc. 164 more words



My husband periodically goes away for weeks at a time.  Helping his East Coast family and friends remodel their houses and band tours mostly.  In my image of myself, I see someone who does OK with being alone: an introvert, self-reliant, a bit of a loner. 430 more words

All or nothing.

It’s crazy that people will look at you and see only the good things that happen to you. THAT’S IT. They start to idolize you and want the things you want because they think it will bring them the happiness that you have. 145 more words

"One of life's simple lessons"

I have probably read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho about five or six times – the first time being in 2012 as a recommendation by my then-coach, Larry Achike. 340 more words