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Stay In Receiving Mood To Stay Receiving

“Just remember that anytime you have a negative emotion, you are, in that moment not letting it in. You are not in the receiving mode. And do you know, your not being in the receiving mode is the only thing that ever keeps you from anything you desire? 96 more words


Writing #20: Everything the Light Touches

I’ve really enjoyed collaborating in the Writing 101 course. More than I could plot in words, but I’m gonna try anyway.

Imagine moving into a cave. 434 more words


Not the Same River

I had my first University alumni reunion yesterday, and I was very, very nervous. It was the first time everyone I met there would meet me as Lily rather than… 827 more words


I suppose I’ve always been inspired by emotion. What let’s us know pain and joy, passion and apathy. I’ve always been a calm spirit, yet there is just so much latent energy, so much feeling inside. 46 more words


Breathing for singers - Understanding the diaphragm

Understanding the diaphragm will help you understand how to control your breath when singing.

Now go Practice!

Source: Diaphragm in Motion


growing pains

growing up is seeing the shades between black and white,
the lines behind eyes,
and the lies behind lines.

I am growing up, and it hurts.


Familiar Strangers

The scent of human waste and body odor heralded the day.

They were not welcomed by a queasy stomach and head,

Unused to not being chemically enhanced or self-medicated. 336 more words