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Trying New Things

If you knew me personally, you would know I am a worry-wart, I can’t help but overthink things, and I tend to keep myself from doing things I love out of fear. 962 more words


You'll meet people in life

Wisdom from Mercedes Bent
You will meet many types of people in your life. You will meet delicate flowers, raging oceans, quiet forests, towing mountains, and colorful skies. 50 more words


The four much-talked about IPOs

Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (APL)

  • Leveraging the fund’s solid expertise: Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited (APL) has exceeded $220 million in subscriptions as on September 21, 2016 and this is maximum proceeds under the offer (issue price of $1.10 per ordinary share).
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Life looks better through a filter.

Children aren’t the only ones who pretend and have overactive imaginations. As adults we may not even realizing we are pretending to be something we aren’t. 314 more words


Dare To Question? 

Growing up people always said to me why do I have to question everything. Like I should just accept what they are telling me as truth and that’s it. 518 more words


Summer Blues

So I’ve just finished my first week at university and it was pretty full on. 5 full days of theory and placement preparation that combined to give me a huge headache. 632 more words


Ain’t a f👆cking test Georgia Bulldog diehards. Look what they already did to Aldean. They placed one in his home…..MAN! Now he walks around saying “I do WTFever Roll Tide tells me to do cause I’m WHOOPED”. 16 more words