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Identity and Choices

Growing up, we learn so much about identity, choices (or lack thereof) and decisions. We are told how to live, the things we need to achieve and when to achieve them. 519 more words


Support System (bonus interview with baby daddy)

I’d like to apologize for the delay in delivering this blog post but a lot has happened over the past few weeks! I’ll make an announcement soon 😊 1,339 more words

Timing is always perfect.

You’re either not ready and grow into the decision you made or are so beyond ready that you’re suffering if you don’t make that choice. And that’s perfect timing, every time. 36 more words

Positive Change

Sweet, Salt, Storied (portrait of a tree)

Some years ago, I noticed your branches..
sweet, salt, storied..

on a road to the sea, we drifted unbound
(your leaves spoke with the breeze).. 40 more words


like the trees and other work

by Emily Marucci


don’t forget

don’t forget the way you felt

the way you allowed yourself to dream

the comfort of having your dad by your side… 419 more words


Appreciate Your Health

People sometimes ask me if it’s hard to work with patients battling cancer. They obviously are asking about the emotional toll, which has become harder as my role has becomes more hands-on with patient care. 471 more words

Tale Weaver/#FOWC — Steady Growth

When it comes to personal finances, I am quite conservative. I don’t have a significant amount of money to fund my retirement years, but I want to do whatever I can to make sure I don’t outlive my savings. 327 more words