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Ascension date

What if we are constantly ascending? So all of these Ascension dates that gets people thinking its bs, really are Ascension dates, but the thing it is is a continuous process that never really ends, we just have constant energy upgrades. 52 more words


How To Become A Better Person Than Yesterday At Work & In Life (For Beauty, Travel & Photography Bloggers)

1. Do good.

Before you get out of bed tomorrow, set a positive goal for your day. What can you do to make someone else smile today? 360 more words


Today's Thought: Its Not Trivial

The Blessing of Adversity: many people expect spiritual progress to be effortless

Daily Thoughts

Open Diary, May 27, 2016- Recreation

May 27 2016,

Here I am way up past my normal bedtime routine, slightly exhausted yet majority being pushed by dreams. I can’t help but to imagine where I want to be in the mist, of trying to remain grateful in the presence of struggle.   682 more words


Hollow Resume

I want to start this blog to talk about early careers. How do you get into one? How to you behave in one? What sort of things should you be thinking about or doing if your goal is to move up in this company? 341 more words


It's Never too Late to Change Who You Are. Here Are 7 Ways You Can Turn Your Life Around Today (For Beauty, Travel, Writing Bloggers & More!)

1. Develop a strong work ethic.

In terms of building a successful career, work ethic trumps everything. What that means is doing your job and getting it done come hell or high water. 497 more words