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Foreign Direct Investment - some much needed reality

We hear a lot of rubbish spouted by politicians and some journalists in respect of Foreign Direct Investment. NZ First appear to want much tougher controls and Labour has made some similar noises. 179 more words

3 Common Misconceptions That Are Preventing Your Blog From Growing

What else can I do?

Readers, I have recently been thinking about blogging and realized that there are many misconceptions bloggers have that could be ruining their success. 1,047 more words


5 Reasons Why Americans Should Visit Europe

I know, I know, your initial thought was “it’s too expensive.” But that’s not entirely true. A Euro trip has numerous benefits and it’s affordability just happens to be at the top of the list. 866 more words

Autumn Reminders

I can feel the chill in the air
The sharp sting like lightning shooting through my veins
Shivers deep down into the bone
The smell of leaves falling from their branches… 60 more words


The Quiet Cave

The quiet cave of chapel
Fills my heart with peace.

The quiet cave of chapel
Allows my heart to pray.

The quiet cave of chapel… 38 more words


Chapter 1: ControlĀ 

My what a way to start a blog. Let’s discuss something people would rather not discuss. For me and my life, control has always been something people wanted over me. 3,126 more words

New Beginnings: I Will Rise Above My Newest Goliath

Open Letter To God

Oh Lord I feel defeat as of lately because my Goliath has been taunting me daily, but I know deep down Lord, you are bigger than any Goliath I will ever face. 45 more words