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After the Great Wasp Massacre, I oiled all the creaky hinges in the house. The bathroom door now swings open noiselessly. It also keeps moving until the bottom hits one of the mats. 409 more words


Nurture : plants & self| Part One.

Featuring Sir Bear.

Created a small nook at the entrance to keep our lovely greens and also my first attempt at growing and nurturing (life). 241 more words


Tips for Getting Things Done

What would happen to your productivity if you had a way to block Internet access to your favorite time-wasting websites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and trashy celebrity gossip blogs? 294 more words


The Rules of the Road by Ciara Geraghty

Terry never expected her friend Iris to disappear, but when she calls the Yoga Retreat where Iris is spending her birthday to tell them she will stop by with a cake she learns that Iris isn’t there. 299 more words

9 Most Effective Benefits of Meditation

Mental health is important now more than ever. To help our minds, one simple yet effective practice that we can take up is Meditation. 793 more words


Why Do I Practice Daily; The Gap

Hi guys. It’s been a while since I made a post here. This post is to explain what daily practice has done for me recently and why I stopped posting my practice here. 627 more words

Love yourself or nobody will...

I’m 33 years old and finally understanding what it means to love yourself. Self loves is truly derived from a place of ensuring your own well being. 210 more words

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