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The Reality of Pain

Let’s just be real. I don’t like pain. You don’t like pain. Nobody likes pain. Pain hurts, but the outcome always makes the situation better in the long run. 333 more words


Can I Trust God When I Feel Ripped Off?

“I want to speak with your manager,” I said a little too loudly as I stood in the check-out line of the retail store facing off with the young clerk. 480 more words

Just Some Thoughts...


More pay seems to be the answer of workers and more work seems to be the request of executives.  Neither approach is conventional for growth.  More pay does not suddenly give you extra energy or knowledge in order to perform consistently over time in your field, it may motivate to work extra harder initially.   270 more words

Highs & Lows of the last 30 days - 30 Day Writing Challenge #30

‘It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure’ – Bill Gates

It’s hard, when you look back over a relatively short period of time, to pick out your highs and lows, because you’ve just been living your life. 402 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge



T – Teenage time terminated

W – Wonder what the twenties has to bring

E – Excited to feel more like an adult, but it’s probably overrated… 436 more words


5 Keys to the Right Mindset for Growth and Success

Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset, described mindset as either a fixed one or growth-oriented. At any given point, each one of us can have either type of mindset. 551 more words



She was jumping. Her leaps were not high enough so she grabbed stilts. Out of nervousness her legs began to shake which caused the stilts to break. 207 more words