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Exposing The Lies In Quotes #1

Quote:  Don’t get your hopes up too high, it might not happen.

Recently, I was lying down reminiscing my child hood memories, when a quote had hit me.   368 more words



I was afraid of what might happen next. The world around me kept expanding and though I felt like I should become smaller, I’m growing as well. 513 more words


Dear Janel

A good friend of mine asked me how come I never write about my depression. I had to sit and think of why, but in all actuality I spent every year of my life since the age of 11 experiencing my depression. 552 more words



It’s crazy to look back and see how things have changed. The difference between where my life was a year ago versus four years ago amazes me. 225 more words


You are not safe

Who said you were saved?

So you’ve realised the importance in living a life full of Taqwa, Tawakkul and Iman.

But who said you were saved? 165 more words


Broken Hearts and Fresh Starts

The 12-year-old poet collapsed
He was weak
He couldn’t see
Tears impaired his vision
It stung to blink
And hurt to feel

He couldn’t speak…

1,600 more words

I Am #Greatful For...

  1. Dance
  2. Spirit Possession
  3. Growing More Comfortable With What I Perceived To Be Flaws

i am that i am.

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