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42 seconds at dusk.

By richard carter…

Source: Flickr


My seaside muse

This week’s photo challenge from the daily post is about a place which draws us back to take photos.  I am posting two snaps, one I have shared previously and a rather poor quality, but very exciting recent photo taken nearby. 109 more words


Worn and battered...

‘Worn and battered’ applies to the concrete and wood that make up this breakwater, not to the photographer! Although, it could be argued that it equally applies to me… Seriously, it was the range of textures that caught my eye and prompted me to shoot this image… 8 more words


Worn posts on the beach

Wooden groynes on the beach at Rye Bay which due to the battering they have received over the years from the waves, are pretty much past their use by date. 40 more words


Landscape | Early bird.

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By srward1

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