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Day 4: Cataclysms

So, this challenge takes a little different perspective on your story.  Instead of looking at story elements like mood and setting, we’re going to actually look at the history of our worlds.   486 more words


Challenge Day 3: Mood & Setting

G’day Inks!

It’s only day three, so if you’re already behind there is still time to comfortably catch up!  Today we’re working on mood and setting… 298 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 9/1/15

So I have a girl crush on a cosplayer.  I’m not ashamed.  She’s gorgeous and she does Sephiroth in addition to ASOIAF characters.  Yes, I’ve posted her loads of times before, no, I don’t care that I’m posted her again, the darling… 40 more words


GRRM denies TWOW and ADOS news.

Recently, a Twitter user “AngryGOTFan” was live-tweeting from a GRRM event. The user mentioned that GRRM confirmed he was working on both TWOW and ADOS at the same time. 177 more words


Diverse books month - final thoughts

So here we are! Diverse Books Month is finally over, after almost 40 posts from authors, bloggers, agents and publishers. It’s been a marathon event and I’d like to thank everyone that took part, from the interviewees to the people that read and commented and everyone in between. 1,084 more words

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StarShipSofa: Slush Submission Update and Episode 400 Special

So I’ve been slowly, slowly hacking my way through the slush pile of StarShipSofa. It’s a process that simultaneously fun and wondrous, but daunting and difficult. 274 more words


The Long Earth Sequence: A trek into infinity


Recently, I’ve read the Long Utopia, the latest in the Long Earth series co-written by sci-fi legend Stephen Baxter and the unforgettable Terry Pratchett. I have been following this series for several years now, and have been wishing to talk about it on my blog for almost as long, but I felt I should wait until the sequence was complete before doing so. 1,180 more words