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A Feast for Crows by GRRM

Okay, something important to note is that this won’t be my regular standard book review, for three reasons: 1) I usually don’t review series that I follow because 2) I’m gonna be nothing but praises anyway and 3)  I don’t really look into any of the technicalities when reading my favorites. 544 more words

Book Review

Murder She Wrote

I was just reminded of this hilarious Murder She Wrote every-script-ever thing today. Hilarious on so many levels. Including some that you might not immediately have considered. 136 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

Time for some GoT escapism...

because the real world has been just awful lately.  Terrible.  Horrible.  I just can’t bring myself to talk more about it because it’s just too depressing.  910 more words

A Clash of Dogs

Ozzy throws his favorite author support to George R.R. Martin. (Picture from 4 years ago. He has distinguished gentleman’s gray now.)


The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource


A year and a half ago, I wrote the complete Winds of Winter resource and updated occasionally since that time. My last update was back in September 2015 and since then, there’s been enough new information about the book for a brand new post. 9,606 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

A Game of Jackets

It was almost 20 years ago on 5th August 1996 that Harper Collins UK published A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin under their Voyager science fiction and fantasy imprint. 827 more words


The Cosmere: Where to Start?

So you’ve heard of this fantasy thing called the Cosmere. It sounds cool, but you don’t know what it is – this Brandon Sanderson guy seems to have tons of separate series of books, with different characters and very different premises. 1,997 more words

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