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on spoilers and being 'spoiler-proof'

Before the current season started, I was totally undecided on whether I’d watch it or not. I knew the show would eventually spoil things for the book readers. 576 more words

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Game of Thrones: Predictions #1

Hi guys!

So, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing something different. In addition to my usual posts (expect a review soon) and my Thursday recommendations, I will start a ‘Game of Thrones Predictions’ segment. 314 more words

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger

The last few episodes have been a little padded in an attempt to lay the groundwork for major actions in the future.  “The Stranger” referred to in the title of the episode is one of the gods prayed to by those who follow the Faith of the Seven and this god represents death and the unknown: An ominous title for an episode.   1,016 more words

GoT Season 6: Sansa Stark's northern rebirth

Sansa Stark is one of Game of Thrones’ most divisive characters. She is both hated and adored, with few fans occupying the middle ground. Feelings for her are either ice or fire, hatred of her naive and uppity demeanor, or adoration for her strength and ability to survive. 730 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

The Game of Thrones Conundrum

With Sunday’s big reveal at the end of episode 2 of season 6, Game of Thrones is now able to move on with the important narrative of the season. 1,533 more words


Finally! GRRM vs JRRT!!!!

I liked it. Could have done without the fat jokes, but I they did the literary analysis well.

The two central arguments for me ended in draws. 120 more words


Under Siege by George R.R. Martin

Source: Own collection
Format: Hardback
Rating:  5 Stars
Reviewer: Laurel

I read this as part of The Time Traveller’s Almanac, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. 189 more words

5 Stars