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Still crazy...

after all these years.


I’ve often said (most frequently to my wife) that someone with a dog has an obvious case of canine affection.  Someone with two dogs would then be an inveterate doglover.   91 more words


Why Aren't We Angrier?

There are many outlets in which people chose to oppress us. There are many ways in which we are taught to oppress ourselves and others. Awareness is the first step towards stopping the oppression that all types of women are subjected too, in many different ways. 8 more words


Hey, grrrlfriend

I’m lucky enough to have a close group of amazing female friends, all of whom have supported me since I was a wee chubster of twelve. 1,015 more words

Women in the workplace- Lawyers, Courts and Judges

In the past two weeks, my personal concerns regarding gender discrimination in the workplace have focused primarily on the diversification of lawyers, juries and judges as a prevalent issue. 917 more words

MUSIK: Ska vi byta låtlistor #14

Att se någon en älskar fara illa och må dåligt är bland det värsta som finns. Jag försöker lyssna, stötta och peppa men ibland räcker inte orden till. 110 more words


Dylan McCann: Then and Now

By the time I joined Act Like a GRRRL at 13 years old, I was a first class bully: I was convinced that friendship was a complicated series of manipulations and competition and backstabbing. 606 more words