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Reinstall GRUB with a GNU\Linux LiveCD or LiveUSB

Sometimes, I had to install Windows in addition to GNU\Linux on the same machine. Sad days.

Best way to do this, is to start with the Linux installation -that opens the partition program- to have a right division of your disk. 195 more words


grub 재설치 / 복구

그동안 내가 잠든동안에도 열심히 일해줄 서버를 찾고 있었는데 괜찮은 장비(넷북)가 중고시장에 나와서 서울에서 구매를 해왔다

그리고 집에서 ubuntu 14.04를 설치하는데
넷북이다 보니 CD-ROM이 없어서 USB로 설치를 했는데 설치 마지막 즈음에 grub2를 설치를 usb에 해버렸다 usb로 부팅하면서 sda로 잡아버린것이다 20 more words


Re-installing Grub when MS Windows Destroyed It

I have now done it a couple of times, but always have to look it up. Here are the steps to re-install Grub from a live Ubuntu CD, when you have Windows and Linux on your hard disk. 64 more words


Online Grub Install for Ubuntu

Boot your machine with the ubuntu installation media. And click on the TRY UBUNTU.

Open the terminal and follow the commands:

#sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair

#sudo apt-get update… 18 more words

Code Tricks

GRUB Error Fix and Rescue for Linux and Windows (XP/Vista/7/8): Grub Rescue While Partitioning a Drive, Reinstall GRUB and Restore Windows (XP/7/8) for the Message in GRUB “Unknown Filesystem”

To start with Reinstall the GRUB.

For this you need an UBUNTU live cd or UBUNTU image on a pendrive.

a. insert the cd or pendirive, restart the pc and select the boot unit as pedrive/cd… 287 more words


Reinstalling grub2 from a liveCD after a Windows install

First it’s best to use the LiveCD for the same distribution as the one your computer is running. Anyway installing grub is extremely easy.

  1. First you need to know on which device your root partition is mounted.
  2. 137 more words

Arch Linux Installation (Part 3) - Package selection and installation

The next stage is selecting package I need or I think I need. Arch Linux installation gives a lot of freedom to its user, by letting user to choose and select the packages he/she thinks he/she needs, I like this empowerment and of course the pre-requisite is to know what I need or at least to know what I think I need haha… I am a Linux convert, for several years I have been spoiled by Windows way of installation whereby user needs not worry because everything was automatic, … 185 more words