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Mengembalikan Grub Linux Yang Hilang

Merupakan hal yang membuat tidak bisa tidur, tidak bisa makan, tidak bisa boker (juga termasuk gan Wkwkwkwk :D ) jika kita tidak bisa masuk kedalam linux kita bukan ?? 318 more words

Computer Troubleshooting

Keeping it clean: Peach Oat Crumble

There’s nothing more satisfying than a fruity crumble. It reminds me of when I was younger and after competing in horse shows on a Sunday we would stop on the way home for a slice of crumble at the local garden centre. 157 more words


Dinner at Paprika

Where: East Village – St Marks between Avenue A and 1st Ave

What’s good: Ravioli di spinaci is my personal favourite

Who eats there: White girls craving carbs… 25 more words


Grub, Keystone and Shebeen Festival

I spotted that GRUB were making an impression in Manchester’s lively food scene a few months back, and in the very short time since GRUB has turned around two very successful street food events. 2,621 more words

Serve Up A Sassy Side With Herb Crusted Mac & Cheese Waffles | Video

Mac & Cheese is definitely a popular dish. People have taken the traditional side and turned it into anything but. ABC’s ‘The Chew’ is one of the best foodie shows on deck. 87 more words


5 Restaurant Eating Challenges To Test Your Stomach

Whether you want to test your stomach’s limits, one up your friends or re-create John Candy’s iconic steak-eating scene from the The Great Outdoors, there’s a restaurant challenge for you. 559 more words

Tailgate Fan

Keeping it clean: Spicy Turkey Burgers

I have no problem admitting that I have a burger problem. More specifically a pulled-pork, cheese-topped, chip-accompanied burger problem. But that’s not going to get me the figure I want or fit in with my clean eating regime. 196 more words