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I Forgive You

How do you forgive someone who made you go home crying almost every day for two years? How do you forgive someone who spread rumors about you? 1,032 more words

The LOVE Freeware

Hello all!

I hope that everybody is having a fine week so far. I have a video in mind that I wanted to share with you today, but I incidentally came across this one and I really like it- so I decided to share this today instead. 614 more words

Positive Thinking

Turning Point

There comes a time, or a few times, in every season where it becomes absolutely pivotal for managers to make bold calls and strategy overhaul that would either make or break their seasons. 912 more words


GW5 – The Good, the Bad & the Monkey

Only 43 points this week.

Below average (which was 48). In a week where points were flowing from all directions, this was a phenomenally underwhelming performance by my team, seeing me take a nice tumble down my mini leagues. 318 more words


GW4 – The Good, the Bad & the Monkey

52 points this week.

A pretty decent (and lucky) score considering I withheld the urge to wildcard and repair my team. During a week where many had wielded the wildcard to improve their lineup, getting 52 points with just a -4 hit can be considered a mini success. 498 more words


The experience of the Grudge/Ju-On Pt.1

My individual project came to me when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to see the ‘Grudge’ which is my most nightmare movie to ever watch. 879 more words


International Break Musings: Wildcards, Kun suspension & new players to the EPL

So, we are near the tail-end of the 1st international break of the season.

Many things have happened in this relatively short period of time. Prior to the break, many had already decided it would be a good time to wield their 1st wildcard. 830 more words