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I Hurried Home

I started a blog dedicated to my boyfriend, M. I was planning to write it as letters to him that would help me sort things out in my head. 975 more words


Practical Proverbial, 29 July 2016. This week's topic: forgiving grudges

Conflict Management.

Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.   I am the LORD.   Leviticus 19:18. 712 more words

The Beginning ...

So, I’m not exactly a greenhorn to this game. Neither am I someone you could consider an FPL veteran. I’m somewhere in between, struggling season after season to achieve FPL greatness yet somehow always just a wrong captain decision away from FPL glory. 992 more words


From Death to Forgiveness.

I have a few things that I can’t seem to forgive.

I live with these things bumping around in here—bruising and hurting—have lived with them a long time—some longer than others. 1,176 more words

The View From Here

Strangers [Fiction]

What He Saw

As I was walking down the wolf square 6th street, I saw her walking towards me. Although a lot of things had changed, she was more or less the same. 781 more words


To forget? Or not to forget?

I’m writing this, again, in the middle of the mall’s crowd, wanting to outpour all my thoughts. That no one would have ever understand no matter how hard they tried to. 563 more words

Life Journey

Goodbye Grudge

Hi everyone, I hope you are all fine by God’s grace.
I guess you’ve figured out what we’ll talk about today, just by looking at the title of this blog post. 497 more words

Holy Spirit