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Another  friend (yes I have more than one!) is very touchy about using the words “price”, “debt”, “cost” etc. This is because it can be seen to be in reference to the traditional view of God holding a grudge, that we owe a debt of sin, that there is punishment due for sins, etc. 386 more words


Fear Tastes Like Opportunity

⇒Contests! From the consistent emailing’s of AuthorsPublish.com  there has been many opportunities discovered. The most recent one is going to be that of what it takes to bring fear into someone. 42 more words


We All Make Mistakes

No one goes through life without making mistakes. Hitting the mailbox while backing down the driveway, forgetting lunch on the counter, missing a deadline, putting the proverbial foot in the mouth, a temporary lapse of judgement; there are so many mistakes to be made. 500 more words

GW25 – The Good, the Bad & the Monkey

A relatively good gameweek with 63 points (-4) considering I was lucky enough to pick the only Captain option that delivered, with 2 fortuitous goals; a handball and a late, late penalty. 192 more words


The Grudge

I’ll admit it.  It bothers me.

It bothers me to think that there may be people out there who hold grudges against me.

Who could they be? 468 more words


Verne's Big Book of Grudges

Verne should really digitize those grudges. Get ’em up in the Cloud. Forever. And Ever.


Comic Commentary

GW24 – The Good, the Bad & the Monkey

One of the most agonising gameweeks of the season for me.

I finally had a striker who banged in 4 goals and 3 bonus points in the form of Lukaku … but I failed to Captain him. 527 more words