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The Cycle of Bullying

Like many people who have been or are still going to high school (or any type of learning institution), getting bullied has been or is hard to avoid. 882 more words


A grudges is very bitchy. Some wounds run too deep for the healing.

I m standing near the entrance of the mall building. Where I work from last 6 months as mall supervisor. I saw the Mall owner Mr Richard keeps going Outward to his car. 859 more words


God's Three-Word Answer

I’ve seen prayer answered in miraculous ways beyond my expectation. Sometimes I had no expectation at all that there would be an answer, but God was faithful to provide what I needed. 693 more words


The Grudge

I found you
In a moment of weakness
Now that I’ve outgrown you
You won’t leave

You spoke in a tongue so sweet
Full of venom
Words that soothed
Words like balm

I hold on to you
As you have taught me
Far longer than I should
I know that you should leave

I like to think we are not the same
That you are a tick
Fat and bloody
Awaiting removal

I have come to know you
I do not like you
But I see your use
We are the same

When I think of you
In the abstract
Your old decrepit body
I feel ashamed

I have trouble letting go
Just as you taught me
I thank you for your help
But I need you to leave.

TIL - A Truel Is A Duel Among Three Participants

According to wikipedia –

A truel is a neologism for a duel among three opponents, in which players can fire at one another in an attempt to eliminate them while surviving themselves.

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Social media stalking … admit it: you’re guilty, too. It’s almost like I have some people saved in my search bar. I don’t know what the big deal is with seeing new posts or new pictures. 105 more words


forgiveness & second chances & grudges

january 15, twenty18

Definition of forgiveness: forgiveness is the intentional & voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings & attitude… 1,300 more words