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Jeremy Paillers


I absolutely love these! So creative, they are seem like pieces that depict horror films until you inspect them further.

Jeremy Paillers website for those interested.


It was me, not you!

Last night I watched David Letterman’s second to last show (I don’t think he will pull at Brett Favre). I haven’t watched him for a good decade or so,  one because I thought his shtick was getting stale and two, I felt  too old to stay up “late” on a school night. 506 more words

How to let go of grudges / Come lasciar scorrere via i risentimenti

The most difficult part of forgiving an offense or let go of a grudge is doing it when we’re convinced to be on the right side of the argument. 961 more words


Asset or Liability?

I decided to take this particular person and put our story into parts. Then rounding off my lesson at the end of it all.

It was random how we reconnected in life. 600 more words

Look Good and Let it Gooo! Part 2

Hello! Bonjour! Greetings! As I drink my morning tea, red rooibos if you’re wondering, I’m feeling so excited to post today! Are you ready for some sass?

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Grrrrrrrr is short for Grudge

Grudges, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing hey!

I have never been the type of person to hold a grudge. I look at grudges as a way of holding on to negative experiences; and whether we mean to or not, in the end they not only hurt you, but holds you back from ever being happy. 517 more words


Nope, I didn’t forget and I like it. I find the whole “Forgive and Forget thing” absolutely nonsense. I am not a computer, I can’t just press “delete” and voila, the memory is gone.

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Stop Smoking