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“Grudge who grudge it.” ~ Anne Boleyn

We call it an Irish thing. No one can hold a grudge as long as we can.

I seem to have missed this gene. 209 more words


My dad

He apologizes all the time. He was physically and mentally abusive. He was an adulterer. He tells me on a monthly basis how sorry he is. 153 more words

Life is Not a Grudge Match

CONNECT Family Devotion for LENT – Friday, Feb 27

“First be reconciled to your brother…” -Matthew 5:24

Share something good and something bad you experienced today. 367 more words


All Scars Grudge Match - the battle for the fate of Morrow

Today the All Scars settled some scores, our first Grudge Match event.

Not as harsh at it first sounds as it was all in fun, but we each had nominated 3 other players and their particular brand of army as our chosen grudges and given our reasons for the imagined slights, match-ups were then arranged and played today. 1,115 more words


...About Holding Grudges

But Matt, you say, you are one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met!  How could you possibly have it in you to hold a grudge against someone… 484 more words

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