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Stay Golden

Honestly I wish everyone was as good a friend as I am.

That may sound vain, but truthfully I am the best friend I know. I would kill for a friend like me. 168 more words

Oh fuck moments 

Everyone has had those moments where literally the only thing to come to mind, is a very loud, resounding “oh fuck“. Mine came today in the form of my period. 91 more words

Guns and Dolls

I got inspired by this song…

And it made me make this picture…



Finding Rawni

Lost. Those of us that are fortunate enough to find ourselves completely lost at least once in our lives understand the importance of “the process” when finding yourself. 779 more words

Life Is Funny


A moment in the past forgotten and lost
What would it take to go back; at what cost?
I would filter the anger and sadness alike… 50 more words



For the past few days I have been learning about forgiveness because I have been finding it really hard to forgive. It is not an easy thing to do. 72 more words

Quiet Time