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haiku 26 january 

le jour de l’épiphanie

la grue pointe

vers l’église


the crane points

towards a church


Another post-GRUE Post: Part 2 - Ownership of time

In the first part of this post, I shared my epiphany on thinking in terms of needs of a relationship instead of talking about the needs of a person. 730 more words


Another Post-Grue Post: Part 1 - Addressing the needs of each relationship

I’m a fan of using precise language to break down concepts in my own head. For example, differentiating between “my night” and “the night he spends with me” in relation to my partner and how he divides his time among his partners. 547 more words


Dinner with Herschell

Creatively, he revolutionized the horror genre by inventing an offshoot that revolved around excessive gore. Due to his business acumen, you can probably blame a lot of the junk mail that fills your mail boxes on him, as well. 351 more words


Goodman and the Grue Emeralds - an Induction Discussion

In this post I will talk about Goodmanized predicates and raise some concerns over their legitimacy. Subsequently, I will dismiss those concerns and argue that Goodmanized predicates are just as legitimate as normal predicates. 2,212 more words

Player Character Race: Quyg

Felmoorish races are going to go up one at a time. I’m trying out new ideas with each one, so I’ll preface each one with some of my notes. 451 more words