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The Daily Grind

I sit and stare at the screen, almost daring it to crash on me, anything to make the time go faster so that I can leave this daily grind and go home or anywhere but here. 1,366 more words

Analytic Philosophy Valentine's Day

Have a good one!


1. “Let’s Gettier Together” (see here for the rock example)

2. Grue and bleen

3. Quine’s thesis of the… 18 more words

You Have Been Eaten by a Grue!

Remember Zork?  This isn’t about Zork.  It is, however, about text based adventure games!  If you’re looking for a little bit of nostalgia, you can pick up Mecha Ace on… 106 more words


Infocom Madness!

Remember Infocom? Ha! Of course you don’t! I barely do, and only because of a chilling text-based adventure game called Cutthroats, which I played on the Apple II in my dad’s old classroom after school. 325 more words


Cranes and sun

Lors du lever du soleil au lac du Der, le départ des grues vers les gagnages… ;-) — http://ift.tt/1tMByUt by Alain_Balthazard


Origami cranes garland

The origami cranes are really beautiful. Attached together to make a garland, they create a great effect.

The paper size is 30cm x 30cm. Below each crane, I tied a small knot in the string, so that the crane doesn’t slip. 94 more words


The Grue Meets...Dennis Stamp

SWE fans, yours truly, managed to sneak into Braveharts office and get Dennis Stamp’s phone number. I called him up and I asked if he wouldn’t mind doing an exclusive interview with The Grue for the SWE fans. 2,037 more words