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Complaint Department…ME?

What when did this happen? Is it because this year I officially became a senior citizen? Does this mean I’m a Matriarch now?! (Said in superhero voice with hands on hips) 819 more words

The Next Time You Decide To Complain To God, Be a Faithful Complainer and Not A Grumbler!

What do you do when God has given you everything you asked for and after you received it now you wish you had never asked for it? 651 more words


To my Dear Readers,

For those like myself raised on jokes that addressed the challenges of Bureaucracy and paper-pushing, here is a refresher on why it’s not always a laughing matter. 349 more words

Life & General


Going through my prayer cards this morning, I came across a meditation card with Luke 9:43 written on it: “And they were amazed at the greatness of God.” 79 more words

​Some people are ...

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses. ~ Alphonse Karr


What does statistical significance mean?

One of my students sent me this article because we spend some time in class covering Type 1 and Type 2 errors.

All the .05 threshold means is that you have a false positive 1/20 times.  597 more words

The politics of resentment

Haiku of generosity

A new parable
to illustrate the kingdom,
turning things on end.

Vineyard labourers
hired in groups through the day;
get the harvest in. 114 more words