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"We're just going to be fine!"

We were told that each of us is special, gifted and unique in our own way. We were told that we were the pioneering generation, ready to unleash and bring a radical change. 740 more words


Watering garden pots again
we all grumble we need rain,
but if and when the rain does come
still we’ll grumble, wanting sun.



Your constant negativity

is in the process of strangling me.

I am so tired of hearing how your hair is so bad

I’m so exhausted by the way you talk… 13 more words

Prayer Strategy

{Marlys Burgett shared with us during class this week, drawing from her own experience crafting a prayer strategy from this study}

Some of you have asked about the Prayer Strategy Cards that are located in the back of the book. 843 more words

Foul Language & Complaining, etc.

Part 8 on a Study of Righteousness / Part 3 on Fruit of the Lips

(For previous posts please visit my Devotional Series Page.) 605 more words


Our pack of dogs.

We currently have three female pugs, Daisy, China and Grendie. Grendie’s name in her previous life was Grenade, but the pug rescue named her Grendie, which stuck. 135 more words