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Letters to myself

Letters to myself 

I ink me out, brushstrokes bleeding black–
Creating calligraphy cathartic
to trace teardrops off torn edges–
Raking together written remains of relief… 18 more words


Emotions, Manipulated

Emotions, Manipulated

Played pain, laid plain
Gains in vain: they remain
Staining lanes claimed strained
Blame-slain in fraying rain

First try at writing a lipogram… 65 more words


Migrating from Avaya to Skype for Business – Part 2 - Discovery

In Part 1 of this series I gave an overview on how to approach these types of projects. If you haven’t read Part 1, you can do here… 3,037 more words

Avaya To Skype Migrations

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For People moving from Avaya to Skype4Business On PRemise Setup ...

The Grand Hotel

I love hotel rooms. Their alien neatness and complete primal purpose enchant the Hell out of me. They exist as a simple base that changes only to your liking. 997 more words


False Startoween

The end of winter, the beginning of spring. The cold abates slightly, going from brick to chilly. Those last leaves that managed to cling on for dear life become visible as the snow melts. 914 more words


I’ve been looking at entries in my diary I had made during college days and some interesting ideas popped up in terms of how future enterprise apps could look like. 483 more words


Warning: These Are Not Metal Albums, No Matter What Their Covers Say

In the 1970s, after the Manson Family released a shockwave of bad vibes throughout the world and musicians began relating less and less to flower power, badass imagery crept back into what we now consider classic rock art. 954 more words