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The Canterbury Traveler

It’s not terribly often that a video game allows me to dip into my English Lit studies so blatantly, but Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch isn’t your typical video game. 564 more words


Death to Aspirational Characters!

I’m conflicted. I say mean stuff without meaning to, treat my body poorly for momentary satisfaction, and act out of self-interest when a nobler man would put others before his own benefit. 938 more words


Ten Things Real Men Should Stop Doing By Age 30, Unless They're Emotionally Crippled Pieces of Shit

Recently, I came across this AskMen list of things men should stop doing by the time they’re 30, and was surprised, and then not very surprised, to discover it was a bunch of shit about not eating fast foot, being punctual, and actually going to the gym. 893 more words


On the Role of Journalism...

Between President Donald Trump’s “fake news” and the media’s constant hand wringing about the president’s “War on Journalism,” it really does feel like the people reporting the news have become as much of the story as the news itself. 474 more words


The Onion Ring Laugh: An Anti-Suicide Note

As you go, you will meet people who will tell you about purity. Some of them will pull from your anger and fear, and tell you about how purity is out of reach because of other people and their ways of life. 851 more words


Fall Back Up with George Armoyan

George Armoyan is one of Atlantic Canada’s most successful developers and investors. George’s family arrived in Boston from Syria in the early 1970’s. George came to Halifax to attend Dalhousie University and decided to make Nova Scotia his home. 190 more words

Small Business

Well, Well, If It Isn't The God Damned Trivago Guy

Well, look he decided to show up.

You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve, Trivago Guy. I was willing to let you and your manicured grey stubble out of here three weeks ago, when you interrupted our episode of  402 more words