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Magpie's First Flight: Part I

Ian Coleman
Nineteen Years Ago

The guy was tall, he had the body of a supermodel and he wore a three piece suit that probably cost as much as a good car, perfectly fitted to his stature. 1,624 more words


i'm sorry, grandpa

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☢⌈¥ •á☩¾

My Valentine's Day


I told the security guard who works in my gran’s building that I was going out.

“In this weather?”

And then I thought about it…what better reason to stay in? 539 more words


Holly Bygolly and Stump the Grump



Little Holly Bygolly is very jolly. She loves to laugh and play.

Stump the Grump is a bit of a lump. 6 more words


~National Curmudgeons Day~

I had to actually look up what curmudgeon meant.

Noun: a bad-tempered or surly person.
synonyms: grumbler · complainer · moaner · curmudgeon · grump · 721 more words

Domesticated Momster

6 Short Ways That 2016 Will Actually Suck

Hi everyone, long time no see?

I’ve neglected you over the Christmas time because I had better things to do like actually  work when I’m supposed to. 463 more words


The meaning of Christmas

25th December

By some convention a group of people had agreed upon this date as a day of celebration. Whilst I have some reservations on how far consumerist societies have taken the aura of Christmas to, I believe there is one meaning for it. 218 more words

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