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Day 9: The Bottom Lip

This bottom lip. All because his brother was being the driver first and he had to be the passenger. So he begrudgingly played along. Stropily. … 160 more words


Mending: Part VII


Part VII: Hurt

When Marian’s ride left, my heart was still feeling heavy. As glad as I was to have her back, I still felt horrible for what I had done. 1,387 more words

Caroline Campbell

Into the Unknown: Part X

Into the Unknown

Part X: Having Faith

I woke up early and snuck out of bed, careful not to wake Charlie up. Even though I had slept a half-decent amount of hours, I felt like absolute garbage. 1,083 more words

Caroline Campbell

Into the Unknown: Part IX

Into the Unknown

Part IX: Arguments

Rather than go back to the Ravenhold dorm Charlie, Jenna and I got ourselves a cab to Charlie’s house to go spend the evening with our families. 1,285 more words

Caroline Campbell


It’s better to smile than be a grump, it’s better to laugh than to cry and it’s better to love than to hate. Its better to teach others what happiness is really all about.

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Top Ten Things I Hate About The Cubicle World - Part I

For 17 years I was a manager and always had my own office.  You need a private space when you manage people.  There are a lot of confidential papers and conversations. 868 more words