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Winter is coming... to the yard.

Winter is on its way, slowly but surely, and we all know that means hot chocolate, pink noses and chapped lips will soon be arriving with it. 390 more words

Day 35: Blackberries Part 2

Sometimes the boys are so up and down in temperament, it’s hard to give the downs any credibility. Out of the car = grump. Thirsty = grump. 300 more words


Day 9: The Bottom Lip

This bottom lip. All because his brother was being the driver first and he had to be the passenger. So he begrudgingly played along. Stropily. … 160 more words


Mending: Part VII


Part VII: Hurt

When Marian’s ride left, my heart was still feeling heavy. As glad as I was to have her back, I still felt horrible for what I had done. 1,387 more words

Caroline Campbell

Into the Unknown: Part X

Into the Unknown

Part X: Having Faith

I woke up early and snuck out of bed, careful not to wake Charlie up. Even though I had slept a half-decent amount of hours, I felt like absolute garbage. 1,083 more words

Caroline Campbell

Into the Unknown: Part IX

Into the Unknown

Part IX: Arguments

Rather than go back to the Ravenhold dorm Charlie, Jenna and I got ourselves a cab to Charlie’s house to go spend the evening with our families. 1,285 more words

Caroline Campbell