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Antidote to Becoming a Grump

Society tends to associate grumpiness with age. I challenge this assumption having had the displeasure of encountering grumpiness among the young as well as the old. 765 more words

Zombie commute

Does anyone else feel like they’re surrounded by zombies? Because it seems like when I’m driving to work, I’m surrounded by people all going the same speed in every single lane… 214 more words




Gruffage is the groats of the grinless grump

Gruffage to the Grump is as roughage to the rump.

Onlyness is the focus of the first in line. 22 more words


Magpie's First Flight: Part III

Ian Coleman
Nineteen Years Ago

It was a short fly to Priest island on the Raven’s private jet. We landed on a small uncontrolled airport and a car was waiting for us. 2,294 more words

Ian Coleman

Magpie's First Flight: Part I

Ian Coleman
Nineteen Years Ago

The guy was tall, he had the body of a supermodel and he wore a three piece suit that probably cost as much as a good car, perfectly fitted to his stature. 1,625 more words

Ian Coleman

i'm sorry, grandpa

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