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5 Head Games That Some Famous CEOs Play

(Source: www.inc.com)

I’ve met a lot of CEOs in my time. Many, especially those who head very large companies, suffer from “CEO disease,” a condition where one’s sphincter enlarges until it covers the entire body, causing an itch only relieved by underling osculation. 765 more words

Money Matters

Into the Unknown: Part XI

Into the Unknown

Part XI: Forgiveness

It was a thirty minute drive to Saint Andrew’s presbyterian church, so Allen got to meet my mom and grandparents who of course bombarded him with questions. 1,759 more words

Caroline Campbell

No Grudges

Holding on to grudges
Just makes a grump out of you
Forgiveness sweetens



My English lavender has never bloomed. I know it’s happy because I planted a tiny sprig that I got at the grocery store, and it spread to a large clump.  316 more words


Things Never Change

The psalm appointed for last week was 123, which is only five verses long, but it read in part:

4 Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy, * 167 more words

The Silent Conversation

To non horse owners this might sound a little weird but Im hoping those of you who do own horses or have been around them long enough will know what I mean when I say ….. 217 more words


Winter is coming... to the yard.

Winter is on its way, slowly but surely, and we all know that means hot chocolate, pink noses and chapped lips will soon be arriving with it. 390 more words