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The Cure for Knitting ADD....I hope...

I think/hope I found the secret to help abate my rampant knitting ADD; YOU are that secret, blogosphere.  Yup, it’s that simple.  If I tell you what I’m knitting and putting on the needles etc then I feel like if I tear it out because I’m bored, or something else catches my eye (which happens an awful lot), I’m obligated to explain to you, the reader, why. 224 more words


Finished Object - Jaywalker Socks

Something unprecedented has happened. I have no sock yarn left to knit! Since picking up needles in November of 2012, I have pretty much had a sock on the go at all times. 88 more words


Grumperina Jaywalking

My Jaywalker socks by the designer Grumperina

I am told, by many Canadian friends, that one has to have hand made wool socks for the winter.

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