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Jolly old St Nicholas

Jolly old St Nicholas

But was he actually

I have known many Men

Grumpy bastards every one

But underneath their grumpy heads

A heart of gold does lie… 79 more words


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Street drinking outside the pavement cafes of Paris and the terrazzas of Rome, is a pleasant, relaxed affair. Outside a pub in Blackpool is an act of madness! 783 more words

Real Life

More Grumpy Old Men

Yes, more Grumpy Old Men and if you’ve read my previous post, you will already be familar with the story behind this book.

Unfortunately, I cannot resist expoiting this conglomeration of tales of woe from GOM. 837 more words

Real Life

Grumpy Old Men

Lots of old grumpy (English) men on this train. There seems to be a mix-up with reservations and they’re having a go at each other when they come to claim their reserved seats. 367 more words

Social Commentary

Week 8 / July 3-9, 2017

Rankings (Let’s B Ril + Confess They All Have Issues. Therefore, Chronological)

Rich and Strange (1931)

An early Hitchcock film that felt, to me, a bit like a dress rehearsal for  329 more words