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Something That I've Just Done On GIMP

This is what I basically do a lot of the time, I know the name on the watermark is different to this username however I shall link my Deviant Art page :) You want me to do something for you then I will but be warned it will come with a watermark :) 6 more words

Zen Femme Fatale

Remember the editorial “Iridescent Ivy”? Today we show you another image-series by Seattle-based artists Frankié Betheny Viérra (styling, conceptual artist) and Ben Lindbloom (photographer). Dive into a mystical surrounding. 99 more words


Is Music Today Reflecting the World We Live In?

“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time”

Is this true nowadays?

The music part I mean, surely with all the manufactured pop that we see floating around the airwaves and seemingly being forced upon us, this quote cannot ring true any longer. 389 more words

DIY tie dye

We’ve decided to do a quick tie dye tutorial so you can get a feel of how we hand tie dye our tees.

Here’s our one, which we’ve hand painted afterwards: 414 more words