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Out of Time

Out of Time (Nine Minutes #2) by Beth Flynn

2 stars

Update. After much reflection I am lowering to a 2. The bad did not outweigh the good in this one, even though I really wanted it to. 512 more words


The Reign of Lunt

In the tilted head of Lunt we travel today,

Hearing his wounded, sanctimonious brays,

As he lumbers on towards each day’s new task

We ride in his brain in an alcohol cask… 129 more words


Out of Time...Review

Before we even begin I am going to say please do not go any further if you have not read Nine Minutes. This is a follow up novel and you will not blame me for ruining that juicy goodness for you. 793 more words

Coming Soon...Beth Flynn's Out of Time!!

I can not WAIT for this book to be released! You can bet your sweet ass I will drop WHATEVER I am reading to give this my undivided attention. 6,016 more words

Babel + Grunt === ES6 Now!

I’m really excited about all the great new JavaScript language features in EcmaScript 6 and I’ve been trying to figure out how I could use it in my day-to-day JavaScript work. 1,404 more words