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big mama grunting:grrr

There must be a zillion times in a day when I feel like howling, frowning and losing my temper. Sometimes, even a small spill of milk on the floor, some incorrect homework, nothing significant. 80 more words


How to begin this?

Something I have always wanted to do is write a book of my experiances while in the Marine Corps but as the years have gone by I started several times but never went anywhere.   160 more words


SWR Barroselas 2016 – Dia 2 [Reportagem + Galeria]


Contra todas as espectativas, o S. Pedro resolveu entrar no Espírito SWR e poupou os festivaleiros: sem chuva (excepção para os breves aguaceiros de Sexta) e com uma amena temperatura, o segundo dia da XIX edição do SWR começou oficialmente às 17:00 com o Brutal Death Metal dos espanhóis… 826 more words


Gulp vs Grunt, why one? why the other?

When Gulp came out, it was right at the point of willing to dive deep into JS-based task runners. Plus, it quickly became the darling of a large portion of the JS community, and many projects, like Ionic, adopted it right away. 981 more words


Terror Teds

After the success of the initial wave of Werebears, a group of enemies were released for the Werebears to battle. These Terror Teds did not share the ability to transform from normal teddy to werebear but were instead very unique looking monster teddy bears. 98 more words