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Automating web front end components/hybrid mobile app build processes

This post is about automating the build process for web applications built using modern web technologies/ hybrid mobile applications built using html, css, js and Cordova. 1,515 more words


Setting Up a Workflow with Grunt.js

The next stage of development in Responsive CSS with Sass and Compass is Setting Up a Workflow with Grunt.js. This area covers Creating your first task, Watching out for automated tasks, Reloading your browser on save, Setting up a config.rb file for Compass and Adding Susy for responsive grids.




Responsive CSS with Sass and Compass- Getting started

Now I have moved on to learn and gain knowledge about using Sass and Compass with CSS. This first section is about an introduction. This area covers, What is Sass and Compass?, Analyzing workflow options, Setting up a folder structure, Adding version control and Using Node.js npm with package.json.


Grunt! The Wrestling Movie (1985)

Later today I will be cramped in a friend’s living room with a pile of fellow drunken weirdos shouting at a television screen as WrestleMania XXI unfolds live from Santa Clara, California. 772 more words

Brandon Ledet

ASP.NET 5 angularJS application using angular-ui-router

This article shows how to use angular-ui-router in an ASP.NET 5 application. The ui-router module is integrated into the application using bower and grunt and implements hierarchical routes with data resolves in different states. 1,506 more words


Quickly start an app using Yeoman, Ionic, AngularJS and PhoneGap

This is a copy from the post by Julien Roussel


Here is a simple guide to get started on a new mobile project using the following technologies: 1,040 more words


Developing Modern Web Applications

By saying Modern Web Application, Of course, I mean JavaScript. Nowadays everything about web includes JavaScript in one way or another. And this blog post I try to introduce how to develop these modern web applications with the right tools. 1,799 more words