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Enabling livereload of web applications in browsers using grunt tasks

One of the most painstaking aspects of web development is the extra step, one needs to do to see the recently made changes in the browser. 1,316 more words


Someone mentioned deployments task: Grunt File

Por lo general, es un “pain in the ass” crear diferentes ambientes, dev, test, producción, etc..

Aquí os dejo, las tareas que por lo general utilizo para mis proyectos, puedes probarlo con las siguientes comandos: (debes tener grunt instalado antes, npm install grunt-cli -g). 235 more words


Bring on the Stags

  NaPoWriMo day eleven and here’s poem number ten. In last year’s NaPoWriMo I wrote a poem about hen weekends called Here Come the Hens. I thought this time round I do a matching piece about Stag weekends. 228 more words

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Javascript Best Practices: Modules

As modern web applications become increasingly client heavy, it’s important to properly organize your client side code. In small applications, organization may not seem necessary, however, as your application grows and more people are involved with the project, proper organization becomes key to keeping the application maintainable. 336 more words


Using JSON Schema to configure highly nested modular web applications

This article describes how to use a JSON Schema file to configure an application made of RequireJS modules that may be composed by other submodules. The configuration file will be used to configure all the modules and its children, if any, from a single entry point. 991 more words

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Designing an Alien Race: The Krogan

The Krogan are a hulking reptilian species; warriors born and bred who revel in their own aggression. They once threatened to conquer the galaxy but were thwarted when a biological weapon crippled their birth-rate. 426 more words


G is for Grunt

Yes, something I have been doing a lot of lately.

The lingering shower remodel has had me grunting to get up off the floor, grunting while moving concrete backer board and boxes of tile up a flight of stairs — oh, another G-word — Gorilla Gripper….the perfect tool for a single person carrying sheet rock. 159 more words

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