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Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach

I love Mary Roach. She’s cornered the market on quirky, surprising and often gross trivia. She started as a journalist, writing (as she puts it on her website) “sort of a reported humor column, wherein I covered things like vaginal weight-lifting and amputee bowling leagues and the question of how much food it takes to burst a human stomach.” She says she likes “Scrabble, mangoes, and that late-night Animal Planet show about horrific animals such as that parasitic worm that attaches itself to fishes’ eyeballs but makes up for it by leading the fish around.” I’ve heard a number of podcast interviews with Mary, and it’s always a fun listen. 498 more words

Book Review

[NodeJS] - How to automating front-end tasks with Grunt ?

What is Grunt ? 

The Grunt is a task automation Node.js module .

Official WebSite :http://gruntjs.com/

How to install in your project ?

$ npm install grunt --save-dev…

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MindScents Monday: The Grunt

A few weeks ago I listened to a leadership talk that so impressed me, I don’t think a day goes by that certain points from that talk haven’t made me think about my team.   877 more words

Web site update

As you may have spotted by the “Blog” tag I am partial to updating the website alot, moving from platform to platform and using that move as an excuse to mess about about with something new. 519 more words


1/144 OZ-02MD Virgo Conversion Resin Kit

You like Gundam Wing and you also happen to like the grunt machines. If you’re lucky enough you’ll come across a 1/144 Leo limited model kit on ebay, or stumble upon an even rarer 1/144 Taurus (also a limited kit and its mostly used) and then there’s the Virgo. 195 more words

Gundam Wing




  • npm required for Grunt
  • Grunt is a javascript task runner
    • compress everything – all done by grunt
    • compiles Sass into css
    • compress JavaScript, CSS, HTML files…
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