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Getting Started with Bower Package Manager

Bower is a front-end package manager built by Twitter. Also known as a Package manager for the Web, bower is used in modern open source and closed source projects to solve many recurrent issues. 135 more words

*Grunt of Approval*

If I could be a goblin

A gremlin or a ghoul

I’d go to sleep at 3:00 AM

And never go to school.

I’d eat pancakes every day. 66 more words


Create and maintain your own bower package

Reference: https://bower.io/docs/creating-packages/


  1. a public git(github/gitlab/bitbucket) repo (for private repos, you need to run a private registry, which won’t be discussed in this article)
  2. 569 more words

After Serving

Many times when a service member leaves the military to come home, there is an identity crisis that happens during the transition from active service to civilian life. 545 more words

Seasonal Situation

Being a summer guard, or seasonal guard, is equal to being a grunt. This position is the lowest of the low when it comes to life guarding because the only things involved are custodial work, and guarding the patrons in the pool and on the pool deck. 179 more words

Mass Effect 3 Screenie of the Day - I Don't Need Luck I've Got Ammo

Grunt is my brother. On the surface, he’s about as complicated¬†as a brick and that seems to be the flavor of his diplomacy too but don’t let this lost Krogan pup fool you into thinking he’s stupid. 130 more words

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