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Check out this guy working out — you’ll be dying of laughter

If you’re ever worried about making grunts as you lift weights at the gym, worry no more.

In what appears to be a prank video, this guy is seen to be making all sorts of eccentric sounds as he lifts weights. 53 more words


AngularJS setup, structure and testing

This article is intended for those who are just starting out with AngularJS, have gone through the basic tutorials and now are about to start the actual development. 1,062 more words


Today is the day to Grunt

Web development has become much more complex these days.

By “complex”, I mean there are SO many tools to do neat stuff with your web related files.   619 more words


Automate the creation of component and clientlibs in AEM/CQ5

While working for a client, i got a requirement. The requirement was simple they had front end team which was producing angular apps and i had to use the developed app and create an AEM component with clientlibs automatically with all the editing capabilities liked dialog etc. 193 more words

June 17: Yo Yeoman

Yesterday i was working on java script using superhero.js. So after that i have started working on yeoman
Many of us knows how to develop a web app. 403 more words

6 Week Training

Creating HTML themes in ASP.NET 5 using Sass

This article shows how to create HTML themes in an ASP.NET 5 angular application using Sass and grunt. The CSS themes are created using Sass, built using grunt-contrib-sass and compressed using grunt-contrib-cssmin. 829 more words


Grunts Set to Music

hhmmm, have to wonder what this lot are like during sex?