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Lucas Kanade Tracker

I am working on a tracking algorithm based on Lucas-Kanade Method using Optical Flow. The Lucas–Kanade method is a widely used differential method for optical flow estimation developed by Bruce D. 576 more words

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Kalman Filter

Kalman Filter is a set of mathematical equations that provides an efficient computational (recursive) means to estimate the state of a process, in a way that minimizes the mean of the squared error. 614 more words

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CAMShift with SimpleCV

GSoC 2012 Mid-Term evaluations are over and I passed. As usual we had a meeting on Wednesday 11:30 am EST on IRC where I and Kat discussed the tracking scenario of SimpleCV and how to implement different tracking algorithms with efficiency. 495 more words

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Face Tracking with CAMShift using OpenCV/SimpleCV

CAMShift stands for Continuously Adaptive Mean Shift. It is the basis for the face-tracking algorithm in OpenCV. It combines the basic Mean Shift… 297 more words

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Sobel Operator

The Sobel Operator is used in Image Processing to get the edges in the image. It is a Discrete Differentiation Operator which computes an approximation of the gradient of the image intensity function.The Sobel operator is based on convolving the image with a small, separable, and integer valued filter in horizontal and vertical direction and is therefore relatively inexpensive in terms of computations. 305 more words

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Boost::Python with OpenCV

In my previous post Configuring Boost::Python and Hello Boost, I have shown how to configure Boost::Python. I have managed to use OpenCV C++ with Python, using Boost::Python. 372 more words


Tracking in OpenTLD aka Predator

As my Google Summer of Code 2012 project, I have to port OpenTLD to python using OpenCV and SimpleCV. OpenTLD a.k.a. Predator was first made by… 387 more words

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