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Raccoon Removal Job

Raccoon Removal job becomes very sensitive when there are babies with mother Raccoon. We have to be very careful while handling babies and capturing/removing mother raccoon. 160 more words

Lyme Disease & Ticks

Don’t underestimate those small insects. Use insect repellent while going outdoor. Quickly remove it if you see a tick / insect on your body. Be safe from ticks while enjoying outdoors. 104 more words

Carpenter Bees

Male may hover in front of one’s face, but don’t have stinger & hovering is merely for show. Female carpenter bees do have a potent stinger, but its rarely used. 31 more words

Why Rodent Proofing is important ?

Rodent Proofing is part of integrated pest management techniques in which we secure buildings to prevent pest invasion. If done effectively it significantly minimized the use of pesticides/rodenticites. 143 more words

Pest Control Services

Pests are part of our environment, however, sometimes they become a danger to the health and safety of the people. Akim Pest Control provide pest control services using integrated pest management techniques in which we use methods and techniques which are not harmful for the environment. 10 more words


GTA 5 sells 65 million copies

GTA V has been out for a while now, 3 years to be exact, and yet it seems to keep going from strength to strength. During Take-Two’s latest earnings report the company announced that the game has now sold 65 millions copies, which is five million more than the figure announced back in February. 119 more words


Royale's Luncheonette

: 1418 Dundas Street West, Toronto

I like surprises.  Actually no; scratch that.  I like pleasant surprises.

This was supposed to be a review of the burger at… 372 more words