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By Simon Parker

These mods allow PC users to drastically enhance the visuals of GTA V by adding extremely high resolution textures to the game, as well as new visual effects and tweaks to existing ones. 244 more words

Don't blame the game

With tragic shootings taking place in Aurora, Winsconsin and Newtown in recent years, along with the 2 bombs set off at the Boston marathon in 2012, people are naturally asking the question, “why are these things are happening?”, and questioning what’s happening in the world generally, particularly, was there anything influencing these people to carry out the attacks and behave in the way that they did? 1,819 more words

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GTAs: Cancelling class

Dear GTAs:

Please be reminded that you cannot simply cancel a class you are teaching. If you have scheduling issues, you should seek assistance from your major professor or the person who is supervising them. 31 more words

Responsible tourism businesses say goodbye to bathtubs!

Results of the first visit to Kgadi’s Bed & Breakfast

Sometimes, accommodation establishments make responsible choices without having a specific strategy or plan. Anna, owner of Kgadi’s, unwittingly invested in… 262 more words


Nader's Middle Eastern Grill & Bakery

: 3900 Grand Park Drive, Mississauga

Have you ever been bored, browsing Instagram, seen a photo of a burger that looked good from a restaurant you wouldn’t expect, then thought “hey, I should review that for my burger blog!” 399 more words


Grand Theft Auto 5 - Aiden Gets Run Over

“Hey, I’ll just cross the busy highway and get my bike! Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!”


A mortgage pre-approval is not fully underwritten and is not a guarantee of financing #FirstTimeHomeBuyers

Perhaps the most significant factor in undermining the solidity of your mortgage pre-approval is the relentless pace of change in lending guidelines and policies – change implemented not only by the Federal Government but also by the lenders themselves. 404 more words

Roy Cocciollo