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Grand Theft Auto 5 - REVENGE!!!

When we play Grand Theft Auto Online we generally follow the same formula – we do a mission or two, maybe a heist, joke around for a while… and then it starts.  68 more words


Grand Theft Auto V: Still Playing

It’s been a while since I beat Grand Theft Auto V (months!), but every now and then I still like to load my saved file, and ride around the city of San Andreas. 512 more words

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The Chaos Theory (commonly referred to as the Butterfly Effect) is a scientific theory founded on the premise that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings … at just the right place and time … have the ability to put into motion, a chain of events … that could eventually lead to a tornado!

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas | MEET OG LOC THE GANGSTER | PolyDev

Hello again it’s me PolyDev, welcome back to another GTA San Andreas gameplay series, this time we are going to continue what we did last time, we are going to help OG loc to get his reputation back, can we help him? 93 more words