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It doesn’t keep

Various paper pads I keep at my desk. (Ninja Turtle for scale.)

Reflecting on how I use paper and notebooks.

Paper helps me think. I’ve used plenty of… 904 more words

Brutalist Bookends

One Mind, Two Systems

Gaining insight in troubled times with Paul Loomans’ Time Surfing

Paul Loomans’ Zen approach to keeping time on your side is a refreshing and reassuring read with an unconventional perspective on time management. 524 more words


Spotify playlists to help with focus and concentration

Every person on this planet has the same amount of time on a given day, it is 24 hours. There are multiple ways to accomplish some results within that time: we can work longer or we can use time more efficiently. 221 more words


The "Next-Action" Step

The book talked about next-action steps not being clarified which makes for laziness and procrastination. They say a lot of smart people end up being lazy because they do not know where to start on a project or where to go next and then tasks end up not being finished or even started. 384 more words


Is technology good for us?- Week 12

This week’s focus was on ‘GTD and living in a digital world without stress’. In other words, “Is technology good for us?”

As like any other debate, we have pros and cons. 458 more words

Ask the big questions - Week 13 TME

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Today’s class was very much a recap of the semester’s content, but we also made time for further discussion of the why… 356 more words

Music Technology

Chapter 11: Trust and the Collection Method

Chapter 11 of the book talked about the benefits of having a collection method and the one biggest takeaway that I found from this chapter was that one of the biggest reasons why it is important to have a collection method is because it helps people to trust you more when they ask you to perform a task and puts less stress on you and that person to make sure that the task gets done. 416 more words