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GNOME Terminal: separate menu items for opening tabs and windows

Astute users might have noticed that the GNOME Terminal binary distributed by Fedora has separate menu items for opening new tabs and windows, while the vanilla version available from GNOME doesn’t. 74 more words


GNOME Terminal 3.28.x lands in Fedora

The following screenshots don’t have the correct colours. Their colour channels got inverted because of this bug.

Brave testers of pre-release Fedora builds might have noticed the absence of updates to… 403 more words


Good To Know (GTK) – 5: Which Sunglasses for which Face ?!

You know that line from the song called, It’s a beautiful day (by Queen), that goes like,

“The sun is shining I feel good And no-one’s gonna to stop me now!” :) 36 more words


Emojis in VTE

It’s been one of those weeks when gnome-terminal and vte keep stumbling on some really weird edge cases, so it was a happy moment when I saw this on Fedora 27 Workstation.


[Solved] Jaspersoft Studio Glitches on Ubuntu

Yesterday I installed Jaspersoft Studio for the first time in my laptop. I’m using Ubuntu 17.10 as the operating system for my laptop.

I don’t usually work on Jasper Reports. 238 more words