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A history about Gtk+, Vulkan and Wayland

A few weeks ago, I was curious to test Gtk+ 4. I know it has some awsome features like OpenGL rendering, major cleanups and other hot stuff, but didn’t have the chance to check it out until then. 209 more words


A brief comparison of GTK+ and Qt

I used to like C language, because it is a basic of programming, and it is portable, and it is low-level. When writing program with C language, it is just like showing off your advanced programming skill, how you manage the memory, how you manage the pointers and creating the linked list. 339 more words


GTK 3 Adwaita tabs are too high

xfce4-terminal is now using GTK 3 in Debian Stretch which gives me tabs looking like:

I thinks this is too high for my 768 pixels laptop screen. 45 more words

Core Apps Hackfest 2016: report

I spent last weekend at the Core Apps Hackfest in Berlin. The agenda was to work on GNOME’s core applications: Documents, Files, Music… 386 more words


GTK+ 3.22.4 Improves CPU Usage Under Wayland, Enables HiDPI Support on Windows

GTK+ 3.22.4 Improves CPU Usage Under Wayland, Enables HiDPI Support on Windows A new maintenance update for the GTK+ GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit has been announced this past weekend, versioned 3.22.4, bringing many Wayland improvements and lots of bug fixes. 36 more words

Thoughts on DX: GNOME and Rust

A few months ago I spent some time to learn some basic Rust, I was interested in getting an informed view of the language, specifically about the safety and concurrency idioms as well as its compatibility with the C ABI and automatic memory management while being non GCed. 541 more words