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Decentralizujmy! ...czyli syncthing.

W kwestii Google Drive, OneDrive’a i innych Boxów zostało już powiedziane naprawdę wiele. Kwestia prywatności, bezpieczeństwa oraz kosztów to wiele zmiennych, każdemu przeszkadza i dla każdego liczy się co innego. 435 more words


CSS blend modes in Gtk+

As part of my work on Endless, I have to maintain and adapt GNOME applications to better suit our needs. This usually includes fixing bugs, working around limitations of the toolkit, and sometimes implementing new features. 192 more words


GUILE: GUI in Language Encoding

TL;DR – Languages are awesome, computer languages more so. “I wonder why they put that in this language?” GUI development sucks. I started a project for language-level constructs for GUIs called GUILE (look… 730 more words


TV Renamer Now Featuring Symbolic Icons and Mime Types

I have just released some updates to my TV Renamer to provide a desktop shortcut, symbolic icons, and the ability to detect and rename only files that are videos based on extensions found in… 143 more words


Cedilla (cedilha) on GNU/Linux

This is a problem I encounter every time I reinstall GNU/Linux, but never bothered to post about. By default, the US keyboard layouts, including the alternative international and the alt-gr dead keys, do not support the beloved cedilla, greatly needed by Portuguese speaking people. 172 more words