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Mary's Terribly Captioned Photo Of The Day

Delegates in Iowa discover there are many things involved in caucusing they never knew!


Gnome Desktop Environment

A desktop environment (DE) is an implementation of the desktop metaphor made of a bundle of programs running on top of a computer¬†operating system, which share a common… 767 more words

Get to Know: Trey Burke

From David Locke‚Äôs “Get to Know” series; recorded in October

Family and birth order: Older brother (played high school football), older sister (played basketball at a young age until she got hit in the face), and younger sister (will play basketball at Ohio University next year). 238 more words


Mary's "Famous Adages" In Rough Form!

Proving that the best writing comes from rewriting.


Ted Cruz Solves Birther Problem, Confirming Canada Is Part Of The United States!

“Check any Texas textbook,” Ted Cruz calmly stated this morning in response to critics claiming he cannot be president, as he was born in Canada in the waning days of 1970. 88 more words