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Compiling Leksah on Windows7 64-bit

The first step appears to be to get gtk2hs┬áinstalled (which includes packages: pango, gtk, glib, etc.). ┬áI found instructions on how to do this… 45 more words

Packages needed to install gtk2hs on ubuntu

When trying to install Gtk2Hs I wonder which Debian packages are required before using cabal to install gtk. So here is my little personal reminder: 48 more words


HNotepad :: Haskell -> Gtk2Hs -> HNotepad ()

Hi !

this time went ahead with Gtk2 + Haskell . First GUI program… so.. thought to make simple Notepad :-P

wasn’t a waste anyway.. learned quite a few things. 45 more words

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Haskell ecosystem on Windows XP

It’s been fun watching the Haskell ecosystem evolve into a mature system over the years. Seems that about every three months it takes a leap forward and I usually find myself uninstalling what I previously had and putting the latest and greatest on my laptop. 515 more words

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