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Are New gTLDs a Facilitator to Hate?

From June 2015, the general public will be able to purchase an array of new domain name extensions. Next week sees the opening of the ‘sunrise sale’, where people can begin to reserve their desired domain names at premium prices. 502 more words


Will ICANN be Coerced into Policing the Internet?

The entertainment industry’s battle against online copyright infringement has been a tedious, ongoing process – mainly to no avail. In the continuation of this fight, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have moved their focus to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), who manage most of the Internet’s fundamental naming and numbering infrastructure. 682 more words


Google's Ever-Increasing Domain Power

Google purchased the exclusive rights to the .app top-level domain (gTLD) last week for $25 million USD; the highest amount that any company has paid at one of ICANN’s auctions thus far. 472 more words


“Out of the Box” Children Need “Out of the Box” Parents

In my work as a diagnostic tester at the Kingsbury Center, I have worked with many gifted students who struggle with underachievement and learning challenges. Often called “Twice-Exceptional” or referred to as GT/LD (i.e., gifted and talented with learning disabilities), these students are perplexing to their parents and teachers, and they encounter considerable frustration. 407 more words


LexByte: More gTLDs, more problems?

Saxon Shaw, University of Exeter

A recent global survey of Internet users, provided by the Domain Name Association (DNA), suggests that consumers will be receptive to the addition of new domain name extensions. 992 more words

The Legal Student

Interesting Tidbits from ICANN 51 And "Dot-Buzz" Gets Some Love From Some New Fans

True to any ICANN gathering, at lot was happening at ICANN 51 last month in Los Angeles. ICANN’s IoN (“Internet of Names”) publication highlighted some of the more interesting side stories on the Internet/Domain front. 349 more words

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