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Hurricane Maria Category 5 Obliterating Dominica, Puerto Rico Will Receive "Catastrophic" Damage


Hurricane Maria’s destructive tear across the Caribbean is well underway, with the storm obliterating parts of Dominica and threatening “catastrophic” damage to Puerto Rico. 1,024 more words


Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands prepare for Category 5 Hurricane María

News outlets are reporting that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are preparing for the impact of the extremely dangerous Hurricane Irma, which reached category 5 tonight (Monday, September 18). 331 more words


Agricole Blancs & Ti' Punchs Part III

Welcome back to the third part of our Agriole Blanc and Ti’ Punch cross-tasting. Please refer to the links below for the other sessions.

Part I (Bielle, Damoiseau, Depaz, J.M., La Favorite, Neisson) 861 more words


Agricole Blancs & Ti' Punchs Part II

This is part two of our great Agricole Blanc & Ti’ Punch cross-tasting. You can refer to the other sessions here:

Part I (Bielle, Damoiseau, Depaz, J.M., La Favorite, Neisson) 940 more words


Caribbean views: two new publications

My colleagues and friends doubt my professionalism when I show Caribbean views like this, taken whilst “working”. The last two years I’ve actually been working quite hard, but it’s just difficult to make Caribbean archaeology look like hard work. 702 more words

President Macron Visits French Caribbean islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in the Caribbean today promising to rebuild the French territories ravaged by Hurricane Irma. According to CNN, speaking on the tarmac of the airport at Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, one of France’s overseas territories ( 672 more words


Guadeloupe 2014-'17 TCRL

When tasting rum from the French isles, we always tend to think in terms of agricole rhum. But let’s not forget that on the isles of Guadeloupe, both rhum agricole and rhum traditionnel is being made. 259 more words