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Smoothies and exchanges

The weeks in Guadeloupe seem to have a different emphasis as Sister missionaries from around the mission come for exchanges. This week the Sisters from Guyane came and spent a couple of days. 824 more words


Gorgeous Guadeloupe

To get February off to a fresh start, we decided to leave Antigua and begin making our way down to Guadeloupe. We were on somewhat of a strict schedule, as Mel’s mom was arriving in Point-à-Pitre on the 7th, and we wanted to get there in good time to scope things out. 981 more words



My sister wanted to go here as she’s a big fan of the crime show Death in Paradise, which is filmed there, our brother was also interested, and I needed to be out of the office and somewhere warm, so western France in February it was. 2,572 more words



La baie des Saintes, Guadeloupe, Antilles Françaises, September 22 2009

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Two Tahitians, an American and a Mancunian… sounds like the start of a pretty hilarious joke to me!

Soeur Holt was able to spend time with three of her companions this week as Soeurs Hootini and Hansen came for exchanges from Martinique. It also happened to be Soeur Hootini’s birthday while she was in Guadeloupe. 1,053 more words


A Christmas Cruise Around the Caribbean

New York right now is as cold and hostile as our landlord when we told them they need to turn up the heating. So to warm myself I’m going to make myself a nice cup of tea, put on a pair of slippers, and talk about how warm and wonderful our Christmas Caribbean cruise was. 524 more words


Les dégustations : une transversale de blancs pur jus de canne – 5ème prise

Je me suis à nouveau livré à cet exercice que j’affectionne particulièrement : déguster à l’aveugle des rhums blancs pur jus de canne. C’est avec mes… 1,274 more words