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Using the Terminal - Part 1

I already introduced the Terminal to you in my previous posts. This post is going to describe the Terminal a bit more in Detail, but I am going to start it slowly, very low learning curve. 1,372 more words


Flying start with Guake - a dropdown terminal

Install Guake

The first step is to install guake. Its available in the repositories, so install it right away.

$ sudo apt-get install guake
Fix error – “Guake can not init!” 197 more words

Solarized (everywhere!)

The black text on white background always seemed to cause me eye strain. On the other hand, the white-on-black or green-on-black seem too intense (too high-contrast) after a while, and made switching to a browser with its white background (yes, I’ve tried out the “high contrast” extension in chrome, it screws up colors too much for my taste) a jarring experience. 203 more words