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Customizing Ubuntu!

Note: These are some useful and handy applications, plug-ins or customizations which have made my Ubuntu experience more fun.

I. Diodon

Diodon is a simple clipboard manager. 481 more words


Using the Terminal - Part 1

I already introduced the Terminal to you in my previous posts. This post is going to describe the Terminal a bit more in Detail, but I am going to start it slowly, very low learning curve. 1,372 more words


Flying start with Guake - a dropdown terminal

Install Guake

The first step is to install guake. Its available in the repositories, so install it right away.

$ sudo apt-get install guake
Fix error – “Guake can not init!” 197 more words

Solarized (everywhere!)

The black text on white background always seemed to cause me eye strain. On the other hand, the white-on-black or green-on-black seem too intense (too high-contrast) after a while, and made switching to a browser with its white background (yes, I’ve tried out the “high contrast” extension in chrome, it screws up colors too much for my taste) a jarring experience. 203 more words


How to Add Guake to Startup Applications on Ubuntu 13.10

It’s really easy since Ubuntu has a Startup Applications manager. You can start the program by typing at terminal


or through searching in applications by “Startup Applications”. 32 more words


Guake - Annoying feature of renaming tabs

I am a huge fan of guake terminal and after having used it for quite a while, I am literally addicted to it.

Recently, I encountered a very annoying feature which is when I rename a tab and perform any operation on that tab, the name I gave disappears and the absolute path is shown. 144 more words

General Computing

Three Flavors for Learning Linux

In the summer months this year (and hopefully more summers in the future), my office will be getting some student interns who will work for us for half of the day and then learn things from us for the second half.  337 more words