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Return to the Ancestral Village in China

I headed back to my ancestral village in June. It is my maternal grandfather’s childhood home, in the district of Kaiping, in Guangdong province, China. My mother and her siblings talked about it occasionally, but the last time anyone in the family went back there was a few years ago. 1,114 more words

Journey Back to the Ancestral Village

I headed back to my ancestral village in June. That’s the thing about being an ‘overseas Chinese’. We all have ‘ancestral villages’, where our ancestors lived and made that journey out of the poverty of China at the turn of the century.  1,136 more words


Jim's Tour Pt. 3/3

Jim took us to see so, so, so much of Chikan. There was so much there. He played at Chikan a lot when he used to work at Cangdong. 992 more words

OCT-LOFT and Dongmen

Hello, my dear world!

Today I want to talk about two places that I visited. One is the OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park. The other one is Dongmen Pedestrian Street. 175 more words


Day Trip to Kaiping Diaolou, in Guangzhou - UNESCO World Heritage

Elaine said I had been ticking off UNESCO Heritage Sites on my travels over the last few years. I never thought of it that way, but I guess it is true. 993 more words

PFS wins Major Planning Project in Foshan, China

PFS Studio has been awarded a major Landscape Architecture and Planning project in Foshan, China.

The BC Government released the following press release on May 10, 2016. 120 more words

Public Space

10 Reasons to Visit: Shenzhen, China

My friends are convinced that the real Kerri has been abducted and replaced by a cyborg from China’s tourism board to lure outsiders into Shenzhen.  They’re WRONG, the reason I can’t stop talking about how much I miss Shenzhen is because it’s straight awesome.   1,192 more words