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I got your Gitmo right here

About once an hour, somewhere, President Obama brings up the idea of closing the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He recently told French news outlet iTELE: “Guantanamo continues to serve as a recruitment tool for jihadists; it is something we need to stop. 214 more words


US Congress Introduces Anti-Torture Amendment

The U.S. Senate is considering an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would take critical steps to prevent a return to U.S. torture. Amnesty International USA activists are calling on Senators to do the right thing to end this American Torture Story. 112 more words

Obama Doubles Down...Prisoner Dump Is On!

it didn’t take long for Barack Obama to tell the world he was re-inserting himself into “importance” after his resounding repudiation Tuesday. Thursday, when he started what can only be described as a prisoner dump, sending al Quaeda recruiter and leader Fawzi Al-Oudah back to Kuwait after a 13 year imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay. 443 more words


Why my opinions could land me in Gitmo

It is with great trepidation that I write this now, for reasons I will go into later in the piece. I’m afraid of what could theoretically happen to me as a result of nothing more than expressing my opinions; a right given to my by the First Amendment of the Constitution. 834 more words


What about Scott Finstermaker, Gitmo & Obama's promise?

Mr. Fenstermaker is a member of the pool of Qualified Civilian Defense Counsel, authorized to represent the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba before the Military Commissions being conducted at Guantanamo Bay. 514 more words

Barack Obama

Illinois: Like Gitmo with better pizza.

We all know by now that anytime Barack Obama tries to initiate a new policy, every single Republican in the country will immediately deride it as the death knell of America as we know it and one more step down the path toward socialized Nazi abortions for all gay men. 557 more words

Government Rationing of Health Care: Terrorists First

Yes, the US Government is making sure that the terrorists being held in Guantanimo Bay are to receive the H1N1 vaccine despite the fact that Americans are still going without it including American contractors to the US military. 143 more words