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Unpacking Hillary Clinton's 'No Ceilings' Report

“There has never been a better time in history to be born a woman,” said Hillary Clinton, flanked by her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and self-described “data nerd” … 963 more words

What’s the benefit of commercial benefit?

When a company is granting a guarantee (or, indeed, any third party security), the guarantee must serve the guarantor company’s own commercial interests. This is something that has long been the case and since the Companies Act 2006 (the… 819 more words


What's Retention?

Retention is money, owed to the Subcontractor, but held back by the Builder to guarantee the Subcontractor does the work or supplies the goods or services as promised. 127 more words

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The True Guarantee vs. The False Guarantee

In Genesis 3:13, where Eve is defending her eating the fruit she said “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” The Hebrew for deceive is “nasha”, (נשא), which comes from the root word “nas” (נש). 762 more words

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Thoughts on the "Glasgow Guarantee", or Don't be Young from a Rural Area

For those who don’t know, the “Glasgow Guarantee” is a scheme being run by Glasgow City Council to provide apprenticeships and entry level jobs, funded by £50 million from the 2014 Commonwealth Games. 602 more words


How can you limit a Directors/Personal Guarantee?

If you have a Business and you want too borrow money, you will probably be asked to give a Personal or Directors Guarantee.

Most Directors don’t want to give guarantees as it makes them liable rather than their business and the purpose of having a limited company was to limit their personal liability. 285 more words

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There is no guarantee on plasti dip and the company refuses to help with their product. DO NOT plasti dip your vehicle, it will destroy the paint or chrome.