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No pressure

The problems of today cannot be resolved by dwelling on the past. If you are doing that, the past isn’t the problem, it’s you. As much as the past may serve to preserve your identity, you hanging on to it isn’t helping. 855 more words

"No matter how fast you do eet, you still have to stay here for an hour."

Peyton Quinn’s rules of conflict:
Don’t ignore him.
Don’t insult him.
Don’t challenge him or accept his challenge.
Leave him a face-saving exit.
Thursday lunchtime BJJ in Bellevue. 778 more words

Low Knee in the Middle (Day One) Pass

Per request of some of my students and my academy in San Diego’s current focus on passing, here’s my take on a fundamental pass from the closed guard. 10 more words


#54, 7-Sep-2015, Sitting guard pass


  • Training hour : 21:00 ~ 23:00
  • 7시랑 9시부 둘다 하려 했는데, 수업을 하루종일 들었더니 피곤해서 9시만…


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상대방이 시팅 가드 상황일 때 들어가서 하프가드 깨고 패스 연습 17 more words

Training Journal

Brain Surgery

There’s a difference between inflicting lethal damage and stopping power. Someone can be fatally wounded and still functional enough to take you with them. Mostly it depends on how dedicated they are to taking you out. 744 more words