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Half guard passing game

The Tueller Drill:
Sergeant Dennis Tueller, of the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department wondered how quickly an attacker with a knife could cover 21 feet (6.4 m), so he timed volunteers as they raced to stab the target.
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Tons o' pressure

Violence works. It is something that bad guys use to get what they want. When people look for the sources of violence or seek peace, this is the elephant in the room that everyone ignores. 341 more words

#20, 12-Apr-2015, Back step pass at (opponent’s) half guard


  • Training hour : 14:00 ~ 17:00
  • 수업 인원은 저번주보다 적은 7명 정도


  • Techniques

하프가드 상태에서 내가 Top일때 백스텝 패스. 하프가드가 물린 상태에서 이것저것 시도하다가 백스텝 패스를 하게 되면 이미 늦으니 패스 들어감과 동시에 상대방이 하프가드 잡기 전에 이미 백스텝으로 들어간다고 염두에 두고 있어야 함. 10 more words

Training Journal

#19, 7-Apr-2015, Pass to mount variation


  • Training hour : 10:00 ~ 11:45
  • 이태원 존프랭클 첫 오전부 수업


  • Drill

– 무릎 그립 잡고 사이드 스텝 to 니온 벨리
– 무릎 그립 잡고 X pass… 21 more words

Training Journal

Passing !!!!

Back to the basics with some good effective passes…

Knee Shield from Half Guard

A few great passes from greatgrappling.com

Simple and Beautiful Zipper Pass… 62 more words


A brewing situation is one that takes time to build, is longer-lasting, and involves many chances for observation before the tactical considerations take over and you must act. 572 more words

Your heep need to move

People get very uncomfortable around people who are very comfortable with force. -Rory Miller

Thursday no-gi, Bellevue. I had to skip last week because my tattoo was still too scabby. 298 more words