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Passing !!!!

Back to the basics with some good effective passes…

Knee Shield from Half Guard

A few great passes from greatgrappling.com

Simple and Beautiful Zipper Pass… 62 more words


A brewing situation is one that takes time to build, is longer-lasting, and involves many chances for observation before the tactical considerations take over and you must act. 572 more words

Your heep need to move

People get very uncomfortable around people who are very comfortable with force. -Rory Miller

Thursday no-gi, Bellevue. I had to skip last week because my tattoo was still too scabby. 298 more words

Week 49

Keenan Cornelius Passing Chains


Guard Pass

Week 47

Rafael Barata Back escape into Leg Drag


Andre Pederneiras teaches Katagatame

Submission - Neck


The first and main tenent is the so-called “Vorschlag” (first strike). It means that you hit the opponent first- you draw first blood. It also means initiative. 528 more words

Week 46

Buchecha: BJJ Lifestyle Film

Caio Terra Single Leg to Berimbolo