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Security guard robot ends it all by throwing itself into a watery grave

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

The automation revolution, where most of our jobs are replaced by robots and we spend the rest of our days floating around on rubber rings sipping piña coladas, has hit a snag: a Knightscope K5 security bot appears to have fallen down some stairs and drowned itself in a water feature. 552 more words



On some days, I don’t get out of my bed. I sit and stare at the ceiling, sometimes outside a window if there is a window to look outside. 400 more words


Tony Pastry: On The Trail of the Red Herring. Part 10

At 12:24, while Detective Pastry was out of the room, Liberty Moose and I could talk more openly as we drank coffee derived from a vending machine in the cafeteria. 1,253 more words


Tony Pastry: On The Trail of the Red Herring. Part 7

As Detective Pastry sped through the busy London streets, lights flashing and siren wailing, I pondered my own mortality. In fact, I became quite religious when we zoomed through a set of red lights. 944 more words


Floodgates of thoughts..

via Daily Prompt: Gate

When we are standing in front of a gate, there are always two options, entry or exit, depending on which side of the gate we are on. 169 more words

Daily Prompt

Mouth Guard

What a blessing when a friend helps guard us from ourselves!

Set a guard, Adonai, over my mouth; keep watch at the door of my lips.  ~~ Psalm 141: 3