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The guard and the guide

Lady, let us depart while there is time! What hope is there in this wood for you or for me? Here we are held in bondage, and no profit shall I find here; for I have learned all that my father has to teach, or that the Naugrim will reveal to me.

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On To The Next

The pounding of my feet can barely be heard over the continuous humming of the treadmill. I appreciate knowing that right now, the gym is an option and at the same time, loathe it. 825 more words

Custom comparisons in Aireforge Studio

We have quite a few new features to talk about in our initial release of Aireforge Studio but I’ll start with one of my favourites; custom comparisons. 434 more words

Aireforge Studio

Dreams and Metaphors - Protection of/from the Garter Snake

A couple nights ago, I had a dream worth mentioning.

I was assigned responsibility of a snake. A small garter snake. I was told that I must keep track of the snake and make sure that it did not harm anyone. 423 more words


Guard Your Heart

Guard Your Heart

Above all else,  guard your heart,  for it is the wellspring  of life.   —   Proverbs 4:23

All day every day we all have thoughts about everything and everyone around us.    

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Canadian Guardsman - Chapter 12

Simon awoke when the APC came to a halt. Where was he?
“Dismount vehicle, –form line –at attention”
When he woke up there were five other lads in the APC who looked as disoriented as him. 3,306 more words