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Guardian Science - Article on Ordered Universe

As we wait for the Times Higher Education awards tonight, Michael Brooks has composed a lovely article on his experiences at the Ordered Universe Grosseteste Day during the… 52 more words

Ordered Universe

Has Brian Cox's Human Universe missed an evolutionary step?

This morning Guardian Science has suggested that Brian Cox’s Human Universe was a little disappointing in it’s lack of scope and in its depiction of human evolution as a linear progression centred around brain size. 14 more words


A day in the life of a Scientist....

A day as the Scientist…

 ‘Life is full of ups and downs’.  Well there was a time when one thought it was full of roses. What rubbish, sick of people telling one to be positive and stay positive, things will work out and life will be so much better…gone are the days of that bimbo. 2,205 more words


Can You Feel Your Heart Beat?

My latest Guardian article was about the phenomenon of interoception – that is, our ability to sense the visceral signals from our inner body, such as our heartbeat. 98 more words

My Guardian Science Articles

Diversity, etc.

*knocks hesitantly on door*

Ahem. I’m back. Well, I’ve been busy … No excuse, I know. In fact, here’s an awesome demolition of all that “I’m so BUSY!”  talk. 406 more words

Science In Society

It's All About Telling a Story

Penny Bailey on science writing: ‘You need to know how to tell a good story’ gu.com/p/3eeeh/tf

— Guardian Science (@guardianscience) March 27, 2013

Sci Comm

Do MedDiets save you from getting cardiovascular diseases?

The main goal of a study quoted by the guardian was to investigate the impact of Mediterranean Diets (MedDiets) on cardiovascular death. The complete title of the study is  1,369 more words