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“The court,” according to Decide Czaja, “should generally contemplate two (two) problems, ought to the person be adjudicated disabled, and, who ought to be the disabled person’s guardian. 252 more words

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The rights of the alleged disabled person embody the choice of counsel, if they want, or the appointment of counsel by the court, the correct to a jury trial in the adjudication process, the correct to possess and/or by court appointment, acquire skilled witnesses, i.e., psychiatrists, if desired. 331 more words

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The petition, that is obtainable from the probate clerk, contains essential information concerning the alleged disabled person and also the proposed guardian of the alleged disabled person (respondent). 211 more words

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Recently, I described my method of applying PGM IV.1596, a prayer used for a consecration under the twelve faces of Helios, in a ritual format, but there’s a lot of stuff in there that isn’t in the PGM because…well, it’s not in the PGM.   3,061 more words


Guardian Writer's Vile Slur Against Falklands Hero

Earlier this week Falklands hero Simon Weston, whose suffered 46% burns and whose face was left unrecognisable after RFA Sir Galahad was bombed by the Argentinians, said that Jeremy Corbyn’s policy on the Falklands was tantamount to “ 54 more words

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The court also has the choice of denying all petitions and appointing a state agency as guardian. The state guardian might be appointed in estates of over fifteen (15) thousand bucks and the public… 194 more words