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It’s been HOT here… and for many reasons.  The heat’s been on with many 90 – 100+ degree days.  Yes – also think symbolic.  Today though was cooler and I was able to sit outside in the sun without it becoming an instant sauna experience, lol.  485 more words

Spiritual Writing

Bi people having been fighting for LG&T equality for decades – a response to @PhilipHensher

In seeing the title of Philip Hensher’s Guardian.com article about the recent LGBT Pride events in London: How the straight majority still silences gay people… 626 more words

Equality & Inclusion

It's life Jim....

I was having a sneaky read of The Guardian at work today.  The topic was death.
More precisely, our fear of death.

A lot of the comments suggested that what people feared most was dying a painful death. 161 more words

Commies want to end inheritance

Not tax, actually inheritance.

Making property worthless, since it cannot be transferred.


Sorry, excuse me, you’d need a brain to think of that.

Why wait until they’re dead to steal their life savings? 336 more words

6 things every Guardian should know before playing the Destiny 2 Beta

(Source: www.stuff.tv)

I’ll admit it: I’m a lapsed Guardian.

My Warlock smashed the Vault of Glass, witnessed Crota’s End and defeated Oryx, The Taken King himself, but he’s been floating in orbit for far too long. 102 more words


The UK peddles a cynical colonialism and calls it aid | Zoe Williams | Opinion | The Guardian

States do invest in the infrastructure of other states: the Chinese in our nuclear industry, for instance, the French in our energy, the Germans in our railways. 265 more words


Guardian of the Moon

Guardian of the Moon: Being guardian of the Moon is no easy task. We got to fly sky high to see it’s not under attack and are required to be all time geared up to quickly blast off at any shout of help! 12 more words