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Magic Mushroom chemical psilocybin could be key to treating depression

A recent article at The Guardian describes studies that suggest “Immediate reduction in depression and anxiety for up to eight months seen in patients with advanced cancer given a single dose of psilocybin.” 335 more words


What are schools preparing learners for?

For more than a century the requirements of the workforce/economy have influenced what has been taught in schools.  In the industrial age, skills like efficiency and conformity were highly valued. 349 more words

Contemporary Schooling

After seven years, The Last Guardian frustrates as much as it delights

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Game details

Developer: genDESIGN
Publisher: Sony Interactive entertainment
Platform: PS4
Release Date: Dec. 6, 2016
ESRB Rating: T for Teen… 2,117 more words


The Last Guardian: The Review

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If waiting seven years for the third game from Ico and Shadow of the Colossus creator Fumito Ueda has taught us anything, it’s patience, which is exactly what’s needed to see our young hero and his massive catbird companion through to the end of The Last Guardian. 1,454 more words


What happens if you can't take care of your children: important estate planning for parents

Say you’ve gone out to dinner with your friends or your spouse or your new beau. The kids are at home with the babysitter, someone you trust but who’s just a teenager. 382 more words