Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #25!

The Man in the Moon, by William Joyce.

Disclaimer: I’m not terribly familiar with the entire Guardians of Childhood franchise; I’ve not read the young reader novels or seen the movie. 165 more words


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[Authors’ Note: Wow, it took me a lot longer than I had expected to get this done! My apologies. Enjoy! :-) ]

I’ve been traveling for quite some time now, in search of old tales long forgotten and my own path, the tales I am destined to tell. 640 more words


Look. The cultivation of a genuine, believable, warm and fuzzy, feel-good romance is a pretty significant factor to books.

Most of the time it will work it way into a story somewhere, be it the main attraction of the tale – such as Twilight – a side factor to the story – Hunger Games – or as a passing element – Ron and Hermione. 494 more words

Title: The Sandman and the War of Dreams
Author: William Joyce
Page count: 222
Rating: 4/5 stars

*this a spoiler-free review, but some spoilers may slip in accidentally. 411 more words

Guardians of my childhood

This is somewhat a follow up to my review of Rise of the Guardians.
I reflected on how I experienced the Guardians of Childhood… 1,436 more words

Random Thoughts

Rise of the Guardians

I know the movie was released some time ago in 2012, but as I already have a habit of posting stuff way later then when they happened, I thought I might as well write a bit about this as I just re-watched it and felt like sharing my thoughts. 1,941 more words


The Man in the Moon

The Man in the Moon

Written and Illustrated by William Joyce


William Joyce–  Can’t say enough about him!  He does fantastic illustrations in all of his work, and The Man in the Moon is no exception.   139 more words