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Day 100 - Finale

The transmat dropped us into the Light of Sol, and for a moment my visual receptors were overwhelmed, leaving behind a hazy static in my sight. 2,324 more words


First Contact

Twelve years ago, God told the King to gather together the most powerful and the most intelligent and create a new nation independent from Maridia. The King did so, and named that nation Ester Utopia. 2,934 more words


Parent Contact Evening

Don’t forget the Contact Evening is on Tuesday. Spaces are going quickly, but appointments can still be made here: perthhigh.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/

Don’t forget, I may be the only good report you get all night! 36 more words

Four Years

4 years.
Can you remember November 21st 2011; 4 years ago? The day, the night, a moment or even what day it was? It was a Monday. 174 more words


CELESTIAL GUARDIANS Mages of Atewil|Chapter 29|Venus|Reconnected

Chapter 29 Venus.

The forest green dragon whipped his head around. “Intruder!”

“How many?” the red dragon asked.

“Four. One Light Mage with Dark magic, and three Dark Mages.” 1,055 more words

Celestial Guardians

CELESTIAL GUARDIANS Mages of Atewil|Chapter 28| Kyra

Chapter 28 Kyra

I went through the files of my boss again. I, for some reason, had not been affected by being set. I didn’t know why. 369 more words

Celestial Guardians