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Guardian Angels

I like to believe that we all have a little guardian angel, or two, on our shoulders to guide us and inspire us in everything that we do. 196 more words

Conquer your Destiny

Over the last week I’ve been trying out the popular FPS MMORPG from Bungie studios and Activision named Destiny. If you haven’t tried it yet and are in to scientific mythological action you are destined to like this game. 768 more words

Game Talk

"Live long and prosper"

I’ve been a Star Trek fan for a long long time. Used to love the re-runs of the original with Kirk and Spock and crew but I grew up in the Enterprise era with Picard and Data and I really enjoyed them boldly going where no man had gone before! 719 more words


Following The Signs and Symbols 2

This seemingly empty space has been calling to me for several weeks now. Invariably, my fingers twitch a bit when it does, but I find excuses not to answer that call: I’m too busy working on my project, need to find those pages in my computer files, have to work on those images I want to use, need to fix myself something to eat, and so on and so on. 490 more words


Astrid's Naming Day

Astrid’s naming day was held in January. The weather forecast suggested that it would rain all weekend so Kate and Dan decided early to change the venue of the naming day and have it at home. 353 more words

Recent Ceremonies

Destiny: success in repetition

As I am writing these lines I am sitting in the Tower Watch starring across to the partially destroyed city beneath us. I am trying to figure out what this city is and how it ended up like this. 572 more words