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Guardians by Josi Russell

Be sure to watch the blog over the next day or two for more about this book as Release Day approaches — giveaways, sales, etc.! 1,280 more words


HOB Legends: Menk

Menks are evil spirits often tasked to guard various objects or treasures. They appear in the upcoming LOE Book 10/11: The House of Bloodstein. Menks are horrific in appearance and fearsome in their power. 482 more words


Day 173

‘Arrow!’ said the bowman. ‘Black arrow! I have saved you to the last! You have never failed me and always I have recovered you. I had you from my father and he from of old. 1,029 more words


Day 120-127 - Part 7 (Finale)

“Long ago, when I had my Merlyn to help, he tried to teach me to think. He knew he would have to leave in the end, so he forced me to think for myself. 1,221 more words


Parent Workshop Series - Keswick PS

Please find attached the flyer advertising the upcoming Workshop Series “Because Each of Us is Exceptional: Celebrating and Promoting Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder” hosted at Keswick Public School.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 14

“The New Compact” Pt. 3

Planet Tun

Capital City of Hippera

Skrull Date: 4.05.06

Today was Empress Sabine’s coronation and the entirety of the capital city had come out to see her rise to the throne. 619 more words

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Wordless Wednesday

Veraxmus ~ The Earth Dragon

Sarandraïth ~ The Air Dragon

Gorathimn – The Water Dragon

Tzarkryl – The Fire Dragon

For Al, as promised.

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