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Fostering Abuse: Did Something Go Terribly Wrong and Gloria and Kenny Rogers' Group Home in Brazoria County? Or are they and their

Government Abuse

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[caption id="attachment_4612" align="aligncenter" width="691"]cheryl.beilharvick_1405410725_140 Cheryl Harvick, Brazoria County CPS Program/Pogram KKK Supervisor for City of Pearland, Angleton, Alvin, Manvel, Lake Jackson, Freeport, and Houston, Texas, which is Harris County, DFPS, CPS division), Kidnapped my only child, my son, then five years old and covered-up my then son's allegations of sexual abuse against his father and "The Visitor" on May08, 2012 and turned right over to father and his threatening, menacing, legally abusive, and terroristic father, who had recently gotten married to another man's wife and her own three little "golden handcuffs" with child support and living in another man's marital home--Nice, Cheryl!  You're the woman, or shall we say "beil harvick" as you list as your own caption here?  Cheryl also likes to commission retaliatory daycare workers to stalk her prey at their new jobs to make sure they can't work and labels them as such in the computer so that unwed mothers, but not men, end up homeless and, she thinks, unable to expose her corruption and sue her--WRONG GIRL, WRONG MOMMY, HARVICK, OR, "HOARY WITCH," LOOSELY TRANSLATED![/caption]

TS Radio: Lory Happeny: The Glen Campbell story

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Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

by Jon Rappoport

August 2, 2015

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Government Fraud

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Follow the money; from mandatory vaccines in California to kill the children; to the kidnapping and imprisonment of the elderly, stealing their estates and forcibly drugging them to keep them silent. America has been hijacked by corporate greed and evil power players. Our country is a sleeping giant; will it be too late when the majority finally wake up and refuse to allow this evil agenda to destroy lives and take away the American dream?

TS Radio: Pennsylvania Probate Abuse: Genevieve's story

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