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Estate Planning Legal Services

When it comes to estate planning there are a number of professionals that can provide you assistance but none as thorough as an attorney that specializes in estate planning, family law, and/or elder law.  554 more words

Top Four Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Our thought process is something that we can control, aging however is not.  With aging comes the need to realize that life doesn’t go on forever and that it may end before you know it.  584 more words

Attorney Help for Seniors Facing Aging Issues

Elder law lawyers are advocates for senior citizens and their needs.  Attorneys specializing in elder law handle a wide range of legal matters that affect seniors such as issues related to long term care planning, guardianship, Medicare/Medicaid, social security, retirement, estate planning, and other crucial issues. 431 more words

Guardianships: Someone to Watch Over Them

Michele Morgan, Vice President/Trust Officer 

The one thing you should know about guardianships—also known as conservatorships—is that they protect individuals who are unable to make sound decisions for themselves. 518 more words

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LKG Law P.A.

LKG Law P.A.
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LKG LAW P.A. West Palm Beach, FL is an advocate for protecting the legal rights and financial resources of senior citizens, people with disabilities, and their families in order to obtain long-term care services. 65 more words

Elder Law

Hot Topics in Elder Law Planning

Elder law is a field of the law that specializes in legal issues which affect senior citizens. Elder law planning covers quite a few topics, but there are a few key areas which routinely fall under its jurisdiction, namely health care, financial, and relationship needs. 325 more words

What is the Difference Between an Estate Plan and a Will

Estate plans and wills are powerful documents. They grant you the ability to distribute your estate, appoint guardianship, pick your heirs, and give your most valuable belongings to your favorite people. 538 more words