Joe Hart

One story which seems to be dragging on is the treatment of Joe Hart – a subject which has split opinion.

Hart is one of England’s most passionate players, a player who doesn’t hold back off the pitch and doesn’t shy away in his brutally honest assessment of both his and his team’s performances on the pitch. 315 more words

5 Premier League Managers Arsene Wenger Must Learn From

Arsenal’s summer transfer activity looks like all smoke and no fire as Wenger increasingly faces the fans’ heat. We look at 5 Premier League managers Wenger can learn a thing or two from. 832 more words

Moneyball: which Premier League summer signings will prove to be an absolute steal?

It’s that time of year again. Chelsea and City are throwing more money around than you’ll earn in 10 lifetimes. Mourinho’s hand picking your favourite FIFA players and luring them to Manchester. 516 more words

Manchester UNited

Joe Hart- The Personification of English Arrogance

Outside of England, football fans claim that one of the many reasons why England fail on the international stage is that England’s elite footballers are arrogant, mollycoddled and they get too much reward without deserving it. 632 more words


(Unsurprisingly) Casualties Begot by Guardiola's Reign as Football Dictator of Manchester.

I predicted it back when the rumors of a Pep Guardiola takeover first proliferated last season. If Guardiola were to take over, I said, Yaya Toure and Samir Nasri especially will depart. 477 more words

The treatment of Joe Hart

It’s fair to say that England’s number one goalkeeper has endured one of, if not, the toughest summer of his career. Two high profile clangers at the European Championships have been followed by the Manchester City stopper being dropped to the bench for his club side. 786 more words