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Our Travels Through Guatemala 

Although we have a timeline of when we would like to ship our car across the Darien Gap to Columbia, and an economic one, the privilege of driving your own car across the Americas allows you to change that timeline however you see fit on the go. 1,219 more words


Modern Bath Accessories

The Atitlán Collection

Made in small batches, these ceramics will available for a limited time only!

I’m thrilled with how the bunglo bath ceramics turned out! 205 more words


Behind The Atitlán Collection

Handmade in Guatamala

The Story Behind bunglo‘s NEW Ceramic Collection 256 more words


Mid Century Modern Vacation Home in Guatemala

Volcanic mountains, colorful homes and streets full of pattern…

Tucked away in a small village, my friend QK’s mid century modern vacation home is an internationally getaway you have to see!

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Mexico Into Guatamala

After leaving Orizaba behind we reached the beach 10hours from the Guatamalan Border. Beautiful, empty, no tourists, dollar beers and waves. A local business owner said we are free to camp anywhere on the beach we would like, nobody cares. 963 more words

Day 4 Mexico City to San Marcos, Lake Atitlan...I made it

I didn’t know I was going to San Marcos but I just kept telling people I want to go where there was yoga and 3 different people told me to go to San Marcos and so I did.  This is the journey there.

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