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Rio Dulce

Our first stop, the second time around, in Guatemala was Rio Dulce or ‘sweet river’. The stop both allowed us to break up the trip to Lanquin, and take a boat ride down a river with steep canyons on either side. 3,081 more words

Guatamala: Land of Trees

Not my own pictures, but I took a tour of certain things Guatamalan.

Guatamala means The Land of Trees! I just knew there was something about it that spoke to me. 213 more words



Tikal is Guatemala`s most famous Mayan site. With looming pyramids, giant ball courts, thousands of stone carvings and howler monkeys throwing feces at you, what is not to love.  229 more words

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The Will Of The People: This single tagline is the biggest sack of SH*T ever uttered by a political leader:

Do the American people really buy into this lie? 392 more words

Ace News Room

Obama budget to call for $1 billion for Central America

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden says President Barack Obama’s budget will call for $1 billion in aid for Central America. He says that’s three times what the U.S. 102 more words

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El Norte

1983 – Directed by Gregory Nava

I grew up in what I will affectionately call the People’s Republic of Berkeley, a.k.a. – the PRB. Please know that I say this with absolute… 433 more words