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Adventures in Guatemala

Last week, I was had the opportunity to spend 4 incredible days exploring Guatemala. I was able to visit Guatemala City, Antigua and Tikal National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

City streets in Antigua, Guatemala

Day 27. Far Far Away

Ive slept for what feels like 5 minutes when my alarm wakes me at 1.40am, quickly getting dressed and grabbing my bag as ive slept through my first alarm and so only have 10 minutues to be outside the hostel for my shuttle. 754 more words


Day 26. Sunday Feeling

I wake from my best sleep yet, though i soon realise that moving is incredibly difficult- my legs feel like theyre made of lead.
I also wake up to 2 suited men walking up and down the dorm, strange! 337 more words


Day 25. Heart Racing

Its a long, cold night on the volcano. Even though there was 4 of us in my tent it might aswell have been an igloo. … 424 more words


Day 24. Thinking Positive

I get up and make sure all my stuff is ready for the challenge ahead, everyone who has climbed Volcano Acatenango has said its tough so i know im in for a long 2 days. 769 more words


Day 23. Take a Chance

Another good nights sleep (earplugs are my saviour again, dorms are a noisy place..) and today my Spanish is in the afternoon so I have the morning to relax. 641 more words


Day 22. Practice Practice

The days roll into one another in Antigua. Its the longest ive stayed in one place so far and ive got into a routine, the small cobbled streets now familiar to me. 333 more words