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Going to sleep listening to the rain

Hello Families!

Once again our students were singing and performing together, so we didn’t interrupt them to write.  Today was our last day in Chacaya, and I’ll let the students tell you all about it.   35 more words

Guatemala Adventure

Work and Shop

This morning was much like the other days. We left right after breakfast and when we got to the school we were divided into three different groups. 448 more words

Guatemala Adventure

The Smurfs Really get to Work

March 15, 2016

As shown in the picture, everyone was wearing the Guatemala shirt today because it was a picture day. A cameraman came and took pictures and videos of what we did and how we spent our day. 383 more words

Guatemala Adventure

Singing by the Fire

Dear Families,

We miss you, and we love you.  The students are all singing by the fire, and we didn’t want to interrupt their fun to make the write.   34 more words

Guatemala Adventure

We Get Down to Work

This was our fifth day in Guatemala and third day at Lake Atitlan.  It was a significant day because it was our first working day at the school in Chacaya.  291 more words

Guatemala Adventure

Day Trip to San Marcos

Dear Moms and Dads,

Today was awesome!  We travelled to San Marcos.  We took a boat and picked up one of our tour guides, Jesse.  Next we went to the town. 433 more words

Guatemala Adventure

We Meet the Chacaya Students

Today was a tiresome day because we did lots of sports and activities with the Chacaya students. Breakfast started at 8:15, but many students woke at 6am to take a shower. 389 more words

Guatemala Adventure