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Four A.M.

I’ve been up since four this morning. I don’t know why, but I’ve had a difficult time sleeping these past couple weeks. It’s like my brain won’t shut up. 343 more words


Tikal (Guatemala)

The Mayan civilisation has been a fascination of mine for some time, and their ancient calendar became word headlines when it was claimed to predict the end of the planet in December 2012. 794 more words


Antigua, Guatemala: Day 3

Stepping out of the hostel this morning, the business of the street washed over me, a wave of relief. The hostel I chose has a dorm room like a jail cell, four white walls, a flickering light and only the smallest scrap of a hole drilled into the outer wall for ventilation. 853 more words

Travel Tips

Pyrotechnicos Locos - Flores, Guatemala

Some of most fun you can have is to stumble into a town during a local festival or special event. Experiencing how other people have a good time is the one of the best ways to understand and immerse yourself in another culture. 1,400 more words


Inside a Colonial House, Hotel El Meson de Maria

One of the many beauties of Antigua is that you never know what is behind doors, sometimes a simple door might hide a beautiful big old house. 414 more words


2017 in the can

Well 2017 is in the can ( film terminology Joe Leier ).  You who support us have contributed to a record year for donations through the Vine International ‘Pipeline.’  I was at a Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare (TECH) conference in Tampa Florida (I think).  916 more words

Vine International

Let's talk about Ladies Night

I’m in Antigua, Guatemala, and last night was one of the best nights of my life. I strut home with the chicas feeling totally liberated!! I hadn’t realised how uptight I’ve been recently. 303 more words