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7 things I love about Guayaquil

1. Community is everything here.

I’m not really an emotional person. There’s a reason why I studied maths at university – I like it when the answer is either right or wrong. 775 more words


The Galapagos Islands: Santa Cruz ‘n

Days: 240-241

Total distance travelled: 46,687.6 kilometres (28,998.51 miles)

When we began researching our flights to the Galapagos Islands, they were surprisingly much cheaper than was expected (always a good thing), so we began to monitor flights to see if there was much price fluctuation (either further from or closer to the flight date). 1,733 more words


Ecuanomics: the virtual currency of Guayaquil

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Bananas, prawns, cocoa, oil, and coffee – that’s what the Ecuadorian economy is made of, according to the statistics. 703 more words


A day in the life: volunteering in Ecuador

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I shuffle around in bed trying to silence my alarm clock before it wakes the rest of the house. 1,077 more words


From theory to practice: teaching English in Ecuador

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“¿Has ido a Ecuador antes?“ (“Have you been to Ecuador before?”)

“No, es la primera vez que viajo a America Latina.” 537 more words


"El Papa Francisco no sabe de Economía"

Por estos días, cuando Guayaquil cumple 480 años de fundación, los poderes políticos que hoy dirigen al país se han basado para muchos de sus discursos en “frases” del Papa Francisco, lo cual me ha hecho meditar y sacar algunas conclusiones sobre nuestra sociedad y de quienes están al frente de las riendas del país. 264 more words


Guayaquil's Iguana Park - Ecuador's Urban Reptile Rapture

Move over Galapagos Islands. Ecuador’s business capital Guayaquil has it’s own iguana wildlife hot bed.  A city of almost 3 million, Guayaquil exceeds the population of Quito. 359 more words