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Things to know before traveling to Ecuador

Although Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, there’ s a lot of diversity, beauty, history and fun packed into one small area. 913 more words

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Mi colaboración en la revista Awake

La revista digital Awake me invitó a colaborar en su edición “Contra” con un artículo relacionado a películas consideradas polémicas por su contenido o por el contexto político en el que fueron estrenadas. 50 more words

Galapagos Wrap-up, pt. IV

Arriving on Isla San Cristóbal I was more than ready for change. My time on Isla Isabela had put me into a dismissive and negative mood and the sooner I was off the island the better. 1,969 more words


Landing in Guayaquil, Ecuador at 1am

We landed in Guayaquil at around 1am without having made any plans once we got there…must have slipped our minds. Exhausted, we decided to hop in a cab and ask the driver to take us to any nearby hostel. 278 more words


Proyecto SeAlquila

Proyecto SeAlquila aterriza en Guayaquil por primera vez y de forma simultánea con Madrid (España). Durante 3 días, 20, 21 y 22 de Noviembre el antiguo edifico de El Telégrafo se llenará de arte y artistas de todo el país. 21 more words

First weird night - Guayaquil

I had spent two weeks at the loco party beach town called Montañita, and it was time for me to leave. The plan was to meet up with some other travellers in Cuenca before making my way down to Perú where I meet other travellers for Machu Picchu.  844 more words


Glimpses of Ecuador (Guayaquil and Quito)

Guayaquil – an old colonial city with new modern energy

Quito – politics and religion and a fiery volcano 68 more words

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