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10 Peace Corps trainees. A 9 hour crammed bus ride with Bachata playing on the loudspeaker. 5 days. 1 host mom, 1 host sister and a host brother. 97 more words


Isla Santay, Guayaquil

I went to Isla Santay and I liked. I would recommend you for a day out. Another face of Guayaquil. I was stayng in a hostal in front of Malecon 2000. 534 more words


Cuando la lectura es la trama

Publicado originalmente en Cartón Piedra, el 7 de diciembre de 2015

Jorge Izquierdo no toca ningún instrumento pero fundó Biorn Borg, una banda de rock que alteró la escena local independiente. 2,184 more words

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Mi Guayaquil 

​Mi #Guayaquil to the top #AllyouneedisEcuador


Good Food

In Ecuador people love “Cangrejals” which is a family get-togethers of eating crabs. Since I’m not use to opening crabs and eating them bare hands; I ordered this plate which consist of fried plantains, crab meat, and shrimp.



Hey  Everyone

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted.

I’ve since moved to Guayaquil, Ecuador for a portion of the year. Just one of those calls to explore your roots.



Guayaquil, diciembre 31 2016.

Llegamos a Guayaquil vía Playas directo al terminal. Un día ajetreado, caliente pero manejable. Tomamos taxi, en Guayaquil y quizás muchas ciudades en la costa, NO USAN TAXIMETRO (en la sierra cuando tomas taxi, el uso del taxímentro es automático, pocas veces tienes que pedir que lo prendan). 936 more words