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Tia + Chris

Back in October Angela and myself where at the lovely wedding of Tia and Chris.

We went to the Scottish Rite on a cold rainy day but there was so much love and warmth in this family that we where all floating around hit with the love that was in the air. 17 more words

Bonnie + Ronny

Back in August Angela and myself went to photograph the wedding of Bonnie and Ronny. They are such a lovely couple with family and friends that just wrap you into their happiness it’s hard not to fall in love with love watching it all. 23 more words

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

We have named the winner for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Contest.

The WINNER of the contest is


She got super creative with her photos and that is what made me pick her! 22 more words

Corrine + Paul

Back in August Angela and myself had the pleasure of being part of Corrine and Paul’s day. It was a time filled with hugs, laughter and ok well maybe a bit of crying. 36 more words

Lisa's Anniversary Present

This session was a present for Lisa’s Man.

I had to wait till she gave him his prints before I could really share her photos here. 145 more words