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What Drives People to Yarn Bomb?

It is a question that I have been pondering lately, and one that I have been trying to answer for myself.

Some of My Own Answers: 212 more words

Yarn Bomb

Yarn bombing Indonesian Style! Yarn Bombing a Bemo. Jakarta, Indonesia.

This is a bemo. A three-wheeled taxi which is good for short distances. They have been made illegal by the government and are losing popularity with the people. 116 more words

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Yarnbombing Bike Racks in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

She calls herself the Sixth Avenue Yarn Bomber. Kassie Mitchell has decided to beautify Tacoma’s (Washington state) bike racks. In total she has yarn bombed about 55 bike racks. 92 more words

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Guerrilla Knitting

Seen today in Solva, Pembrokeshire.

I love these. If I spot any more I’ll post them here.


Aldbourne Yarn Bombed!! Wiltshire, England, UK.

This intrepid group of knitters started out with the intention of just yarnbombing the local bus shelter:

One thing led to another and BAM: 88 more words

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