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Fresh artisan bread made easier than ever! Reviewed by Daal Praderas

Author Jim Lahey  with his Sullivan Street Bakery

Surely there’s a place in heaven for bakers who have worked out the kinks of no-knead bread baking, the ones who share their secrets with the rest of us. 446 more words

Book Review

Why Writers Shouldn’t Blog Too Much | Vincent Mars

Blogging can take over your writing life. You may have reached a point where you have to ask yourself this question — is blogging distracting me from my more ambitious work? 119 more words


“How to Become a Prolific Writer” | Nicole Bianchi

The powerful process that will help you write more in 2017

Have you ever looked at the bibliographies of prolific writers and wondered how on earth they write so many books? 134 more words


Jackie Paulson - Chapter 1

For some time, my intuition has been nudging me to write my story. The little voice within me kept whispering, “put down on paper what you have learned from your life experiences.” To help others realize that they are not alone on their journey to finding their Authentic Self. 25 more words

Book Review

5 Fine Motor Activities Using Drinking Straws- Guest Blog

We recently found Molly, the creator of The Kids Place on Instagram and approached her asking would she be interested in sharing some Fine Motor skill activities for toddlers and preschoolers. 554 more words

Guest Blog

How to Help Your Child with Their College Admission

When it comes to helping your child with college admissions, there is a fine line between supporting and taking over. Of course, parents want their son or daughter to do their best during this demanding process, but this is their very first step towards adulthood. 613 more words