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Bruce Miller's Thoughts

Some Personal Thoughts on How I Felt About Writing, “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed: Online Dating: Why Didn’t He Call Me Back? What Goes Through a Man’s Mind on the First Meet? 72 more words

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Acute Renal Failure -12 Year Anniversary off Dialysis - Never give up! by James Okun

November 30, 2016, celebrated the thirteenth year since I suddenly went into acute renal failure from an unknown cause and almost died. Even as a physician, I was completely shocked to learn that from one day to the next my kidneys had shut down and I was in kidney, heart and respiratory failures (See my book The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine Chapter 1). Continue Reading…

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Breaking EPL News!

On February 22, 2017, the United States Departments of Education and of Justice jointly issued a guidance letter effectively withdrawing protections under Title IX for transgender students related to school bathroom use.  180 more words


How to Stay Intellectually Stimulated During a Vacation

Coming back from a vacation is hard,. You are no longer in the routine of school and may find it hard to get yourself back on track. 477 more words

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Jackie Paulson - Chapter 1

For some time, my intuition has been nudging me to write my story. The little voice within me kept whispering, “put down on paper what you have learned from your life experiences.” To help others realize that they are not alone on their journey to finding their Authentic Self. 25 more words

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Guest Blog: The tale of Beowulf, Is it myth? legend? history? by C. R. May author of the Sword of Woden series.

As part of my author guest blog series I am proud to present another guest blog spot. C R May the author of the Sword of Woden series  1,833 more words


A very different Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day last year Susannah Tucker should have been 23 weeks’ pregnant. Instead, she was watching her son fight for his life in NICU, wondering if this would be the only Mother’s Day they spent together… 735 more words

Premature Baby