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Guest blogger: Liliane Grace

Life imitating art—how my novel changed my life

This is my first guest blog with ARRA—I’ve only just discovered you and your site, and I’m delighted that you exist! 860 more words

Guest Blogger

2018 Wardrobe Boot Camp – What to Keep and Cull

Out with the old and in with the new – that’s how the saying goes. We’re virtually all in the same boat, although some more than others. 865 more words


Songs of Ourselves - Great Read

In 2015, Blue Heron Book Works published a collections of blog posts, journal entries, and other writing forms from writers across the nation. Bathseba Monk, the intrepid and visionary editor of Blue Heron Book Works, and her editor Mary Lawlor, put together a book of American voices as varied as the landscape between our coastlines. 152 more words


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"Songs of Ourselves is a real trip into and across Americana. If you haven’t read it, I compare it to about two dozen Blue Highways wrapped into one volume."

Guest Blogger: Judy Penz Sheluk

When Facts Find Their Way Into Fiction

I’m often asked how I came up with the name of the Glass Dolphin antiques shop, which in turn lends its name to my amateur sleuth mystery series, and the answer is really quite simple: the Glass Dolphin antiques shop, and its owner, Arabella Carpenter, play a pivotal role in the first book, … 539 more words

Guest Blogger

Give Yourself a Break, You're Doing the Best You Can!

We all give ourselves a bit of a hard time over one thing or another and often we don’t even think anything of it. Our guest blogger, Ashley, mama of two and author of the wonderful blog ‘ 1,059 more words


Spring Break Idea – Data Scientist Maps Ultimate Detroit Family Road Trip {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Randy Olson

As we approach Spring Break for Detroit-area schools, many families are getting ready to pack up and hit the road. 273 more words


This cheap, brief "growth mindset" intervention shifted struggling students onto a more successful trajectory

By guest blogger Bradley Busch

Can a brief video telling students that it’s possible to improve their intelligence and abilities make much difference to their educational outcomes? 863 more words