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Guest Blog: Wade, Boston Marathon and running happy.

Wade ran the Boston Marathon this past weekend.

He had a great race!

Wade ran a 2:44 marathon (world record is around 2:03ish)  with a 6:16 pace (that’s minutes per mile.).   858 more words

How to Put Yourself First and Still Love Someone

By guest blogger: Thomas Fitzgerald

I will start with two truths: You will never be able to meet all of the needs of a single person, and no single person will be able to meet all of your needs. 1,874 more words

A New Start

Your 30 Minutes: Holly Nicole Photography

I am so excited to share this submission from Holly Awwad of Holly Nicole Photography. Holly is a huge supporter of our page and creates such beautiful work. 189 more words

Guest Blogger

Are You Ready?

Have you read everything on the blog yet?

Did you read the posts about me trying out for a reality show or becoming an ordained minister? 121 more words

Bucket List

"They didn't want me to leave, or maybe they wanted to come with me."

One of our daughters volunteers as an art teacher at a Ranch in Cameron,Texas. The Ranch is for troubled teen aged boys between 13 and 17 years of age. 84 more words

Guest Blogger

Guest Blog: Becky Marra Davis

I attended the Box in the late 60s and it was The Thing to do, every weekend, throughout the year for those of us living in the area! 197 more words

Houghton Lake MI

Children of wanderlusting, globetrotting, and slightly unorthodox parents - What is it like for them?

I’m happy to publish this article, written for Tiny Expats by travel enthusiast and fellow blogger, author of Selim Family blog, Samiya. Their family seems to be always on the move, getting from one fascinating adventure or onto another, their kids always going with them. 1,329 more words