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For the good of the guild

In a few of the less-productive minutes of my day, I play an online Star Wars game on my phone. I have some beloved characters which I attempt to constantly level up: by completing certain challenges, I can make my characters faster and stronger. 669 more words


a giving mood, a meaningful relationship: a guest post by nina bandelj, fred wherry, and viviana zelizer

Money Month guest blogging continues with UC Irvine’s Nina Bandelj, Yale’s Fred Wherry and Princeton’s Viviana Zelizer

Although it will come as no surprise that women are more generous than men when asked if they would like to donate to charity, what may be surprising, however, is that men can be as charitable as women when the cause reminds them of their close social ties. 340 more words



Sexual harassment. It’s one of those things overly sensitive feminists complain about. Women who have it so good they have to find something trivial to whinge about, you know – the ones who just can’t take a joke. 943 more words


Being an alcoholic made me a better mother

Before you get defensive about how awful that sounds, let me explain a few things. If you have followed my previous stories you will know that my drinking career didn’t start until I was divorced and about 25 years old. 1,367 more words

Perfect Summer ~Karen King on writing

Today I was fortunate to corner Karen King, and have her write a post for my blog. I’m thankful for two reasons – I learned something, and I found another book to read this summer – … 884 more words

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Guest Blog: Celebrating the accomplishments of successful individuals age 50+

By Ann Hossack and Marylou Hilliard

What do Cher, Steven Spielberg and William J. Clinton have in common? They are among the first baby boomers to turn 70 during 2017. 544 more words

Guest Bloggers

Writing Business Mistakes, or Learn From My Fail by Athena Grayson

Hi, I’m Athena Grayson, and I’ve been a writer for twenty years. In spite of that, I have made some HUUGE mistakes in my career. 1,343 more words

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