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When Glittering Shimmerling met the dudes. Conflict in writing.


Glitter Shimmerling meets the Hamstah Dudes by Robbie Cheadle.

Fairy Glitter Shimmerling,

had a “Bake and Write” blog,

the maintenance of which,

was a fun and…

153 more words


Have you ever been talking to someone, and their version of events seems totally and completely different to yours?

This happens a lot, largely because the human memory is imperfect. 1,748 more words


Be cool with your stool: how to talk about your symptoms

Vicky, over at The Flourishing Pantry has kindly written this fantastic blog post to help us all be about more at ease when talking about our digestive symptoms with others. 1,576 more words


Tips For Fun, Safe Summer Travel With Your Dog

By Kaitlyn Manktelow @Kurgo, the dog travel experts

With the beautiful weather outside, it seems almost a crime for you and your favorite canine to stay inside, instead of enjoying the sunshine together. 601 more words

Guest Blog: To live is to learn - A lifelong learning journey at the Centre

By Marta Owsik

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death
~ Albert Einstein

Learning is the lifelong journey of acquiring knowledge or skills. 495 more words

Guest Bloggers

Tips for Bonding with a New Pet for First-Time Owners

One of the main reasons we, as humans, decide to adopt a new pet is so that we can have a new companion in our lives. 625 more words

Watching Superhero Movies: an Origin Story

Superhero movies used to bore me. I roll my eyes at revenge plots, I yawn my way through action scenes, I find myself worrying who’s going to pay for the city’s infrastructure. 444 more words

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