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Finding the Writer’s Voice - Guest Blog by DiAnn Mills

So happy to feature my mentor and friend, DiAnn Mills! Her newest novel, Burden of Proof, released on October 9th. Get your copy today! Take it away, DiAnn. 644 more words

Darlene L. Turner

In a previous article, I discussed some helpful tips for preparing for a photo shoot. It’s important to be ready, but let’s be clear – you have to be able to perform on the day.

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HIRSCHAUER et al.: Why replication is a nonsense exercise if we stick to dichotomous significance thinking and neglect the p-value’s sample-to-sample variability

Replication studies are often regarded as the means to scrutinize scientific claims of prior studies. They are also at the origin of the scientific debate on what has been labeled “replication crisis.” The fact that the results of many studies cannot be “replicated” in subsequent investigations is seen as casting serious doubts on the quality of empirical research. 1,256 more words

Guest Author Marcha Fox, her new book, and some advice about "said."

I’d like to feature author Marcha Fox, today. The Rave Reviews Book Club and I would like to shine a spotlight on this talented writer, and also mine her writerly knowledge. 899 more words


Juggling a Part-Time Job & Studying Medicine

This is a guest post written by Daisy a second-year medical student.

As I’m power walking through town and scoffing my sandwich in a desperate attempt to make it clinical skills after working a six-hour shift I wonder why I’m doing this. 475 more words


Got Blocks? This May Be Why...

Let’s talk about blockages — no not the physical kind (although…there is something later on about the physical manifestation). I’m talking about energetic flow kind of blocks — we all hit them at some point. 626 more words

The Road To Self-Empowerment