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Daddy Rant: Poking, Prodding and Persuading

A good friend of mine casually remarked the other day that she and her husband had decided not to have children. They have grown too accustomed to sleep ins and travel, to both working and partying on the weekend. 544 more words

Guest Daddy Rant

Guest Daddy Rant: Stepmothers... Let's End the Hate!

Let’s face it, stepmothers are evil. Such wicked malicious woman. Not only do they convince fathers to leave their own children in the woods, knowing full well that those woods are the home of a twisted cannibalistic witch. 396 more words


Guest Daddy Rant: Bloody Sponge Bob

I hate you consumerism. I hate you marketing executives. I hate you Tampax. I can’t believe what we’ve become. It pains me so much knowing that in 12 years my daughter could ┬ábe walking down a super market aisle and casually throw some Spongebob tampons, or what ever childhood character clings on to cool, in to the cart. 95 more words


Guest Daddy Rant: I'm not an expert... yet.

According to Malcolm Gladwells book ‘Outliers’ if you wish to be an expert on any subject you must put a minimum of 10,000 work hours into that subject. 449 more words


Guest daddy rant: Surely I'm not an endangered species, am I?

Yesterday I was taking a leisurely stroll down one of the many beach side paths my hometown boasts. My (almost) one year old daughter happily lounged in her stroller practicing her new game “Point at Everything”. 527 more words