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Insider Hamburger University

Considered by many to be THE standard of corporate universities (within the fast food industry).

Watch out H.U. … here comes M.U. :-)


Bring "The Experience" to Your Church and Elevate Your Guest Experiences to a New Level

As my wife and I drove to our church campus yesterday, the drizzle became a steady downpour. While we knew that even a few drops of rain is often enough to convince people to stay in bed instead of coming to worship, we also knew that those who chose to come to our campus were in for a treat – most likely a treat few of them had seen, certainly not at church! 995 more words

Guest Experience

Delivering an I CARE Guest Service Experience at Your Church

Ask almost anyone about a recent customer service experience and the odds are it will be “meh” at best and a total failure at worst. … 432 more words


What's Happened to Customer Service?

Think of the last 3 experiences you had as a customer – how did it go?

According to Brian Church, Chairman of Experience International, probably not so well. 299 more words


Have You Walked in Your Guest's Shoes Lately?

What’s going through the minds of your Guests as they walk toward your organization for the first time?

Bruce Loeffler thinks you ought to know. 356 more words


Lessons in Fun : Florida, Sept 29 - Oct 2nd 2015 (BALPPA member's discount)

Lessons in Fun is a dynamic new seminar program developed by two respected trainers and veterans of the amusement industry.  Scott Brown and Matt Heller (recently named one of Inc.  128 more words


It All Begins with Hospitality

Church leaders need to understand the fact that our competition is not other churches; it’s places that provide WOW! Experiences and to which guests compare our churches. 431 more words