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The Importance of Clarity in Your Guest Experience

The process of making consommé is one of the most interesting things a chef will do in the beginning of his culinary education. Interesting, because you take a perfectly good stock and add a mixture of egg whites and lean ground beef, which has the effect of looking like a ground beef milk shake. 598 more words

Guest Experience

The Fred Factor

Here’s a short, six minute video about how to provide extraordinary customer (Guest) service based upon Mark Sanborn’s “The Fred Factor.”


Your body language speaks volumes

We spend the overwhelming majority of our day communicating with other people. Whether it is with friends, family, co-workers, guests, clients or vendors; this is an integral part of our day and our lives. 311 more words

Your Guest Experience - Like a Fine Sauce - Only Happens with a Lot of Work

Some of the most flavorful, satisfying, and versatile sauces in the culinary world are an emulsion – but you’ve got to work to make one… 571 more words

Guest Experience

Whipping up 9 Secret Sauces for Over-the-Top Guest Experiences

The best meal imaginable starts with the basics – and the most basic culinary technique is making a stock.

Even before two of my sons became immersed in the heat of the culinary world (one a kitchen manager for a national chain, the other the chef of a retreat and conference center), I have long had a fascination with everything that goes into making an amazing meal. 517 more words

Guest Experience

Personality vs. Skill

Personality and skill are 2 key characteristics that sometimes, unfortunately, find themselves at odds in the service industry. One is the human component that allows us to make a real connection with our guests. 379 more words

Your employees could be your best selling feature

Sales people are used to selling their product, the services they can provide and the value they offer.

But an often overlooked resource is your own team. 300 more words