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Guest Post: Wendy Tyson

The Fine Art of Daydreaming

I have identical twin boys. One might think they would be identical in all respects, but that’s not the case. Twin A is actually more Type A than his brother. 793 more words


#Author #GeorgeShannon - Writing for Kids and Supporting Teachers

Why do you write for kids?

I submitted my first picture book manuscript to a New York publisher in 1968. To borrow their phrase, “it did not suit their current needs.” Forty-plus years and forty-plus books later I can finally see the forest through the trees. 376 more words

Author Events

Thank You For Helping Me Reach 300!

Dear Awesome Reader,

This morning, I reached 300 followers! Wow. Honestly, thank you for being such an incredible human being! I’m so grateful for all your support! 147 more words


#GuestAuthorTuesday with @Dorihbutler - On #IntruderDrills and the Unexpected Benefits of #AuthorVisits

Guest Post by Dori Hillestad Butler

I had a new experience during a school visit last month. I happened to be there the day they scheduled an intruder drill. 756 more words


@kirbylarson on How She Supports #Teachers

I support teachers by shining the spotlight on them every Tuesday on my blog (www.kirbylarson.com/blog), by donating books to my local elementary library and by doing my best to write books they’ll enjoy sharing with their students! 83 more words


Yannick Clément on Colin Berry’s Latest Hypothesis

He writes in an email:

If we take the question of the image formation without also taking into account the rest of the important data coming from the Shroud, I would say that even if Colin Berry could really produced an image on linen that would show ALL the chemical and physical properties of the Shroud image (I’m 99% certain that he can’t because, among other thing, there is absolutely no color penetration anywhere on the Shroud, which is something no medieval forger using the kind of chemical process he proposed could have rationally achieve), his result would never prove that this is how the Shroud image was formed.  This would only show that the kind of "artificial" process he proposed can produce an image on linen like the Shroud, which is very different than claiming this MUST be the way it was done.

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Image Theory