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Guest Post: Eva Gates

Rebel (?)

There are all sorts of rebels, I guess. Some are bigger than others, and some have a far larger impact on the world than others, but it takes a certain amount of courage for anyone to rebel… 473 more words


#TomRobinson- An Increasing #Number of #SchoolVisits

Author Tom Robinson

Where is the most surprising place you have gone for a school visit?

Ha – as my school visits have just begun, I can’t give you an answer to this. 212 more words

Author Events

Are you willing to pay? The challenge facing non-profit Associations

Last week, Jon Hansen wrote a blog in which he observed that people are increasingly unwilling to pay for content. I responded to him regarding the challenges this represents for organizations that seek to remain objective in the advice they offer – and how it means they must increasingly consider how to package their insights or knowledge into fee- based services, rather than traditional models such s charging for membership. 491 more words

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Editor's Note: I think that this is an important post by IACCM's Tim Cummins, because it not only demonstrates that he recognizes the challenges ahead, but that he has - as one associate put it, the courage to openly discuss it. It is through an open dialogue such as this, that real and lasting solutions can be both identified and implemented.

@NatashaWing #BackToSchool Memories!

Author Natasha Wing

It’s back-to-school time! What do you remember from starting Kindergarten?

I couldn’t wait to go to Kindergarten! I got ready by practicing my alphabet, trimming up my bangs,and buying new clothes, pencils, paper and a lunchbox. 450 more words


The 20 Minute Writing Challenge

Sorry for the tardiness; Last week flew by and suddenly, weekend! Which also flew by, and suddenly, Tuesday!

I haven’t been completely slacking. I’ve started the 20 minute writing challenge with Abby from… 145 more words


Guest Post: Kate Lansing

Fictional Mysteristas

Thanks for having me as a guest blogger, Mysteristas! I’m super excited to be here, and even more excited about this month’s theme of rebels. 682 more words


#TomRobinson- #CriticalCharacters

Author Tom Robinson

Who is your least favorite character from your book and why?

This just isn’t possible to answer. I love all of the animals, and each one plays a critical role in helping readers discover and then test the pattern. 105 more words