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Suits: Season 5 Review


Finally after months of anticipation we get our first review from Historical Redemption, Millenial’s sister.

This review contains spoilers for the entirety of Suits, including season 5. 1,197 more words


Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella (by guest reviewer Yari)

I thought it’d be something fresh and enticing to have guest reviewers every once in a while. So this week we have Yari reviewing Sophie Kinsella’s  656 more words


Seven days later

Last night my husband Kris and I were chatting about how hard this Horror Film Challenge is, just seven days in, as of today. Really what you get is too much of a good thing – already. 650 more words


Challenges Times Three!

Oktoberfest on Friday was phenomenal as usual.

Categorized under ‘not so phenomenal’ is how sick I felt after (I didn’t drink enough for a hangover). At first I blamed my lack of ‘in between’ coat, but when Kris had the same fever symptoms I did on Saturday, it became clear that we weren’t really ready for this massive change in weather. 1,111 more words



Welcome to day two!

I will not be posting over the weekend, so Monday will bring a rather large post. Hey – as long as you get 31 photos and 31 reviews at the end of the month, right? 641 more words


Guest Post - El Rey

Hey NachoJawn readers. This is El Loco Dentista bringing the heat with a guest nacho review.

The nachos in question are El Rey’s. El Rey only offers one type of Nachos on the menu, but when your Nachos are this spot on, there’s no need for other options. 109 more words

Xenon 2: Megablast - Atari ST - Guest Review

Retro Resolution Guest Retro Review

System: Atari ST
Developer: The Bitmap Brothers
Publisher: Image Works
Year: 1989

Guest review courtesy of SweetMrGibs

For those of you who were too busy burning off your eyebrows with Bunsen burners to pay attention during science class, Xenon is an element within the Noble gas group of the periodic table.

1,033 more words
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