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Guest Speaker: Faith Goldy, Anti-Islamophobia Law passed in Canada. Say Goodbye to Freedom of Speech in Canada.

In this video we learn about Resolution M103, the Canadian anti-Islamophobia law proposed by a Moslem law maker there, and just recently passed. Islamophobia, by the way, is never defined in the resolution. 368 more words

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Guest Speaker: Ben Shapiro, and The Myth of The Tiny Radical Moslem Minority

It is very un-politically correct to even broach this subject, or to even entertain it as a possibility among Liberals and most people on the Left. 126 more words

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Hub gathering #2

By Dr Lindy Orwin

Here we go again

A smaller crowd but they were rewarded.

Our meeting kicked off with a great presentation by Steve Burgess, 2016 Bob Hawke Landcare Award recipient, Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee. 89 more words


Guest Speaker: Tawfik Hamid (aka Tarek Abdelhamid)

Egyptian author and former member of the militant al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya

“The fact that the majority of smokers do not develop lung cancer does not negate the fact that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer; likewise, the fact that the majority of Muslims do not develop terrorism does not negate the fact that Islamic ideology is the main cause of terrorism.”

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Questions for Valentí Sanjuan

Valentí Sanjuan, a Spanish native, is a self-made athlete, journalist, and entrepreneur. His mother was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately lost her life to the disease. 456 more words

Journalism 2.0


“God has sent His Spirit to lead us in everything that we do, but we have a choice to either allow Him to lead our life or to do our own thing.” 35 more words


"A Path to Success" with Lindy Li

Congressional Candidate for Pennsylvania Lindy Li, shares her story about how she chased her passion to lead and rose to the top of the political sphere. 487 more words

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